Ted and Emmett are moving in together!  Brian gives it twenty-four hours.  Melanie and Lindsay pick the winner of the Sperm Donor Pageant!!  Ben is acting super shady and we find out why.  Brian’s nephew makes a very serious allegation against him, and it’s Justin Taylor to the rescue!!  E’Shel has to say three nice things about Michael on the next episode, and Ken has to buy a new TV.  Also, there is a discussion about a certain bracelet coming up soon.

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains mentions of sexual assault.   The commentary and opinions we share are SPECIFIC to the events in THIS episode.  Please take care of yourself.

Debbie and Carl are taking the next step in their relationship.  Emmett and Ted are offering lessons sure to send Young Deborah to the head of the class.  Melanie and Lindsay are moving forward with Baby No. 2, but the daddy dilemma remains unsettled.  Brian enlists Justin’s help on a campaign for the GLC’s Carnival, and Ethan does a bit of claim-staking.  Ken and E’Shel are still unsure about how they want to interpret a few things.  That means we shall be seeing you again, 3×03!

Lots of deals to be made, kept, or broken in the episode.  Emmett invokes the Grandfather Clause to keep a deal he made with a very friendly flight attendant.  Melanie and Lindsay agree to have another baby, but… do they tho????  And more importantly, SHOULD they??? Ben reconsiders his living arrangement with Michael, after Michael’s (and Brian’s) antics start stealing his Zen.  Help comes to Justin from an unexpected source when he needs help paying his tuition.  Finally, can someone go check on Brian? We are worried!

We have arrived at Season Three and this opening episode does not disappoint.  The Season Two finale closed one door, and opened a few more.  Ted and Emmett work out the kinks in their budding relationship.  Circumstances prompt Michael and Ben to take the next step in their relationship.  Justin wakes up in Ethan’s bed, and Brian feels his absence from the loft more than Ken expected.  This episode also brings us Mad Dog Kinney and the right-hook felt ’round the Avenue.  Fair warning, we are not happy with Michael in this episode.

Before we jump into Season 3, we are taking some time to check our mail.  In this episode, we’re answering your questions and arguing over Brokeback Mountain.  We also talk about some of our firsts, intrusive small-town thinking, and share our individual quirks.  Listen if you dare to hear more than you ever cared to know about Ken and E’Shel.

Season Two has been a wild ride and we expected nothing less from this finale!  Ben is considering a long stint in Tibet.  Ted thinks he’s found his new love, and our favorite meddling mamas encourage him to shoot his shot.  Michael and Justin prep for the release of RAGE, but the blurred lines between their personal and professional lives are causing some issues.  (Ken and E’Shel are wearing matching SNITCHES GET STITCHES shirts).  Brian and Justin face an emotional reckoning, and someone should go check on E’Shel because she’s probably still not okay.  We had a LOT to say about this episode, but stick with us ’til the end!  PLEASE!!

It’s the penultimate episode of Season 2 and things are brewing!  Too much of a good thing has turned out to be a very bad thing for Poor Ted.  Debbie and Carl’s date leads to a bowling match between her crew and his.  Melanie and Lindsay finally have to address the Leda of it all!  Michael witnesses some VERY PUBLIC PDA between Justin and Ethan, and Brian is starting to get the picture.  Michael, Ken and E’Shel need to have a word with you after class!

Okay, so listen.   No, really, listen.  You gotta listen to this episode the whole way through because, yeah.  Just because.  This one is packed with some tough stuff.  Also, you gotta give Ken some space and time.  He gets there.  Meanwhile, Emmett is having to choose between truth and trillions (fine, millions).  Ben has a health scare that tests Michael’s strength. Justin and Brian are not in a great place and E’Shel is not okay, alright!  Ethan insists on continuing to exist and occupy the same space as Justin.  We think we can do this.  Maybe.

Emmett inherits some of George’s millions.  Leda steps in to help Melanie and Lindsay fight off a severe case of Lesbian Bed Death.  A major shift at Brian’s firm causes him to cancel his vacation plans with Justin.  E’Shel doesn’t want Justin and Michael left alone together, and Ken thinks Leda is a sneaky, but very sexy snake.

Emmett is lifting himself from the Valley of the Dulls with showtunes and party planning.  Ted meets a guy in church, but Ted’s ‘relief work’ is a little too much for him to handle.  Ben and Justin are the birthday boys in this episode, and Michael and Brian each have a very different approach for celebrating.  Or not celebrating.  Ken’s voice lasted just long enough for us to spill all the wonderful tea about a pair of pushy lesbians and a certain violin player.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  No fires occurred during the recording of this episode.  Feel free to ignore the beeping smoke detector trying to take over our recording session.  Super rude!!