Fair warning, we get super loud on this one.  But it’s not our fault!  Things are tense!! Melanie and Lindsay get some good news about a certain bun in a certain oven.  Ted is out on bail and in need of a favor from an initially unwilling friend.  Brian is getting in deeper with Stockwell’s camp, and E’Shel can’t deny it’s becoming an issue. Ethan is back from Harrisburg and he brought something or SOMEONE with him!! We might have some strong feelings about that.

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2 comments on “3×07 Counterproductive To My Healing

  1. Hi!😊
    Finally! the ring is off the finger !!! My heart belongs to Justin and Brian, so no matter how painful the realisation Justin is going through must be, I’m happy he’s finally starting to SEE ❤️

    I absolutely LOVE the scene between Emmett and Brian, and excactly for the reasons you discussed (but in addition the Lana Turner comment), and you can tell things are getting difficult for Brian.. When it comes to Ted thanking Brian in the diner; to me it’s like Ted actually believes Brian when he said he didn’t do it for him. I think it goes back to Ted’s self worth-issues.. So when he says «.. how could I have been so presumptious», I think he means it.
    As to your questions; I do not believe Justin was in love with Ethan. He looked like he struggled every time Ethan used that word/told him he loved him. But yes, Justin worked really hard on persuading himself that it was love, even though he couldn’t actually say it – which he must have known was a red flag bc he could say it very easily, and early, about / to Brian. And no, they wouldn’t have lasted, I think, even if the cheating hadn’t happened. I think Justin had already started to realise (and remember) some important stuff about both Ethan and Brian, so I’m pretty sure the break up-train was already rolling (there is no going back after this episode).
    As to the f word.. I’m sorry, I have THE SAME problem using that word and also struggles to find a replacement word 😂
    The last scene is just ❤️❤️❤️!!!!
    THANK YOU for another great episode!!🤍🤍

    • liberty Oct 11, 2021

      Bye bye ring! A very necessary journey, but glad it’s over. I love to see things evolve with Emmett and Brian.

      Thanks for answering the questions!!! Fully agree with your responses. Appreciate the interaction. We read and cherish every piece of communication we receive from listeners!!!!