This episode brings us the aftermath of the bombing and shows us its far reaching effects.  We check in on Michael’s status at the hospital and see Emmett struggle with his shock.  Ted buries himself in guilt and work.  Zen Ben is forced to contradict his own stance on responding to violence and hatred.  Melanie and Lindsay realize what they could have lost in the bombing, and consider what they could still lose to politics.  BRIAN DOES THE MOST!!! IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!!!  Ken and E’Shel ascended to the heavens while watching this episode and are slowing making the descent back to Earth.

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4 comments on “5×11 It’s For My Prince

  1. Cameron Jul 26, 2022

    I remember after this episode ended. I remember I just burst into crying and I couldn’t stop for like 10 minutes lol. The end scene was so beautiful.

    • liberty Jul 30, 2022

      Same!!! All the tears! The last scenes with Brian and Justin in 5×11 are EVERYTHING!!!!

  2. Hi E’Shel and Ken! I love listening to you. You’re both informative and entertaining.

    I was wondering if Justin wasn’t being sarcastic when he said to Brian: “When you said you had something to show me I didn’t think it would be in West Virginia”, and Brian replied: “It’s less than half an hour out of Pittsburg”. However, according to Google, the driving distance from Pittsburg to West Virginia is 190 miles or 3 hours, 14 minutes, if driven nonstop.

    Keep up with the good work.

    • liberty Dec 8, 2022

      I’m sure he was. I think the point was that it was very far from Brian’s usual neighborhood. The distance can and probably should be interpreted symbolically. Brian really has traveled a long distance for the man he loves!! But yeah, West Virginia is a bit of drive!! I think you can technically get to some of the border towns and cities in about 60 miles, but that’s still takes longer than 30 minutes!