Death makes its way to Liberty Avenue, taking Captain Astro and a nameless person with it.  Michael grieves the loss of his hero; Debbie goes toe to toe with a grouchy and insensitive detective; Brian and Justin have opposing responses to a potential threat; and Lindsay makes a surprising discovery about her late grandmother.  But this episode isn’t all death and danger!  George is GETTING. HIS. LIFE. Thanks to Emmett Honeycutt!

Ted’s attempt to relax and unwind is met with firm opposition.  Michael crosses a court, a karaoke stage, and his mother to get Ben back.  Brian meet’s his mother’s minister on ground that is more soiled than sacred.  He also accidentally outs himself to Joan Kinney!  Let’s just consider this episode to be the one where Ken and E’Shel rant A LOT!

This episode douses the fantasies of members of our gang and leaves them with nothing but sobering reality.   Justin attends a Hetero-Hop and meets a trick who reminds him of a forgotten dream.  Michael searches for what he’d already found but let go because couldn’t cope with everything that came with it.  Emmett’s Prince Charming doesn’t quite fit the profile described in the fairytale.  Brian has to face the fact that catching a hot young twink might be easier than keeping one.  

This episode is full of tough conversations.  Emmett and Ted butt heads as Emmett’s star power and Ted’s profit rise.  Lindsay has a face off with her parents.  The gang hears about Ben’s status, and they all have opinions.  This episode is a great example of what we love most about Queer As Folk.  It entertains, educates, and encourages conversation.

THIS FREAKING EPISODE of Queer As Folk is so good! Lindsay’s prudish behavior draws a confession out of Melanie.  Ted’s new business,, is up and running, thanks to a friendly favor from Emmett, or should we say Fetch Dixon.  Michael goes to work setting up his shop, and his passion for comics catches the eye of a hot professor.  Hello, Ben Bruckner!! A trip to the grocery store stirs up trouble for Brian and Justin’s….relationship? Situation?  Anyway, it results in two classic QAF scenes, so we are here for it!

Michael MacLennan stops by the diner to dish about Queer As Folk from the writers’ perspecitve.  Our conversation begins with a technical discussion about how the episodes came together, and goes on to cover a few key moments and arcs from Season 2 through Season 4.  This episode does contain SPOILERS so beware! Check out Michael’s recent project, Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix!!

Heeding the words of the King (Elvis, that is), several members of our gang are on a journey to follow their dreams.  In this episode, Ted climbs out of his “black hole of depravity” and decides to pursue a career in the porn industry.  Michael eventually stands up for himself, and follows a life-long obsession into a new adventure.  Justin’s dream appears to be out of his grasp, but a fellow artist and his ‘non-boyfriend’ (??) help him recapture it.   It’s funny, and honest, and emotional, and everything we’ve come to expect from Queer As Folk.



E’Shel sits down with Erin, host of the podcast called It’s A Fandom Thing, to take a closer look at Season 1 Brian Kinney.  They share their opinions and observations on the man, the myth, the legend, and the looker!  It’s a fun and insightful conversation between friends, during which they try to unveil the humanity and vulnerability behind the ego and enigma.

This super smart and satirical episode explores hypocrisy from several angles.  Seriously, it’s such great writing! The gay-social-consience of Pittsburgh, Howard Bellweather, hits Liberty Avenue with some harsh words about its newly appointed hero, Brian Kinney.  Michael feels like life and Brian are moving on without him.  Justin and Gus take some very important steps!  Emmett’s new employees are not quite what they seem, and both Emmett and Ted have to let their personal heroes off their pedestals.  Also, we discuss Gay As Blazes, the show within the show!!  Other things to note:  Ken accuses E’Shel of being Michael-insensitive – she’s not!  Well, not 100%!  Also we are not shading comic book fans.  We love comics!  We’re just making a specific point about Michael.