There’s a VERY IMPORTANT announcement at the beginning of this episode!  After that, E’Shel shares her conversation with Harris Allan aka Hunter.  They talk about his introduction to the set and the cast, some behind the scenes details, and what’s currently going on in Harris’ world.  There are 15 missing minutes where they just trade music recommendations.

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The Taylor-Kinney nuptials are a go!  Brian and Justin send out their official announcements and the gang has opinions.  Emmett and Drew have to sort out their age difference.  Ted thinks he’s found Mr. Right, and Melanie and Lindsay are planning a big move.

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This is NOT a recap episode.  The truth is, we are just stalling so we can sit with the beautiful parts of 5×10 and 5×11 a little longer.  In this episode, we both get VERY distracted, a little defensive about our faves, and a tad shady about a certain character.  Whoops!  Anyway, enjoy these stall tactics.  No need to rush to the finale!

This episode brings us the aftermath of the bombing and shows us its far reaching effects.  We check in on Michael’s status at the hospital and see Emmett struggle with his shock.  Ted buries himself in guilt and work.  Zen Ben is forced to contradict his own stance on responding to violence and hatred.  Melanie and Lindsay realize what they could have lost in the bombing, and consider what they could still lose to politics.  BRIAN DOES THE MOST!!! IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!!!  Ken and E’Shel ascended to the heavens while watching this episode and are slowing making the descent back to Earth.

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We don’t even know where to start.  This episode was heartbreaking and heartfelt and sobering and beautiful.  There are really not enough words to cover it all.  Everyone is dealing with the decisions they’ve made over the last few episodes, but convictions and priorities are shifted in an instant.  Don’t worry, this episode isn’t JUST tears and heavy sighing – it wouldn’t be LDD without some laughter and nonsense!  Expect the emotions and commentary to be all over the place.  Also, we feel compelled to say be good to yourselves and to each other.  We are probably still crying.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode deals with the tragedy left in the wake of a hate-crime committed at an LGBTQ+ event.  Please skip this one if you need to.

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If you can get past the technical issues with this one (SORRY!!!!), you will hear us talking about the start of Ted’s hubby hunt, Jennifer’s new boo, and Drew’s big announcement.  Proposition 14 looms large over the Avenue and it’s supporters have started to show up in the gayborhood.  Justin is a hit at the art show and his work is “exquisite”! A tuna macaroni counseling session sends Brian on a mission to make amends with Michael.  Lindsay and Melanie have a discussion about their in-house separation.  It’s very heated!

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Brian and Brandon battle it out for the top spot at Babylon.  Ben and Michael have very different approaches to dealing with Hunter’s departure.  Melanie and Lindsay try an in-house separation.  Ken could never!!  Justin deals with a ghost from our past, and Emmett has his own version of a stalker.

We share a coming out story that gets a little intense.  Please skip 48:00 to 49:45 if you need to.  Other than that, E’Shel rants, Ken screams and faints, and we roll merrily along!

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We are stalling.  But we also have some news to share!  In this bonus episode, we continue to work our way through your head canon questions, then spill some good tea at the end.  We should be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week!

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We are switching things up at the Diner this week.  Ken and E’Shel take a break to answer a few of your head canon questions.  There are plenty more where these came from!  Also, E’Shel thinks that Brian’s other guilty pleasure is watching Sunshine sleep.  But not in a creepy way!

We are only mid-way through Season 5 so answers are limited to that time frame.  Keep sending your questions!

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News of a homophobic law, known as Proposition 14, arrives on Liberty Avenue.  Ted seems to have forgotten how revenge works.  Lindsay has a chance to reconcile with her parents.  Justin makes some decisions about what he wants to do with his life.  Michael and Brian finally reach the boiling point.

E’Shel is somewhere in a corner crying.  Ken is busy spreading scandalous rumors about Ron and Nancy at the Country Club.