Lindsay accidentally stokes Melanie’s superstitions and deeply-rooted fears about her first trimester.  Hunter’s mom shows up and makes Ken and E’Shel have to break their promise about violence – they are only kinda sorry.  Emmett and Ted both reach their breaking points – there were tears pre-recording.   Brian gets inspired to sacrifice everything in one final attempt to stop Stockwell.  Ken gives Michael some praise and Justin gets a new middle name.  We can’t say enough about this Season Finale!  Strap us in on this emotional rollercoaster and send us on our way!

In this gritty episode, Hunter comes through with some key evidence in order to impress Mr. Kinney.  Ben and Michael celebrate progress and a birthday with Hunter.  Justin is called into the principal’s office to face the consequences of his anti-Stockwell actions.  Things are not good on the Ted and Emmett front.  Very not good.  Turns out, Brian Kinney makes a pretty great detective, and apparently he’s got a boyfriend.  Yeah, we said it, Brian!

ALSO: We had a technical issue with this episode so we apologize for the dodgy quality.  We are told by our podern family that these things happen.

Ted is back from his ‘lost weekend’ and he invites Emmett to partake in his souvenir.  Melanie and Lindsay are a bit less forgiving of Ted’s actions, leading to some harsh words and hurt feelings between the two couples.   The Littlest Hustler has some information about Dumpster Boy’s murder that sets Brian on trail.  Ben and Michael continue to open their home to Hunter (and his clients!!  WHOOPS!!).  Rage and JT team up once again to pursue a person of interest.


Michael is stressed about Melanie’s pregnancy and Lindsay just might appreciate having an ally in that corner.  Emmett sends Ted for a weekend getaway, but he gets sidetracked on the drive.  Ben receives a call regarding his mystery nephew.  Brian catches Justin working on a risky late night project.  Other topics of discussion include sex pigs, internet scams, and power couples.

E’Shel is joined by fellow Britin shipper and Brian Kinney apologist, Erin, from It’s a Fandom Thing.  In this episode, E’Shel and Erin revisit and deep dive into some of the major moments from Season 2.  Emphasis is on Brian, but expect to hear some thoughts about all of the gang and lots of praise for Gale Harold’s talent.  Side note, E’Shel is boycotting the Emmy Awards until they do right by Gale.  Actually, make that all of the actors and actresses on this show.  Find Erin by searching for It’s A Fandom Thing on your favorite podcast streaming platform!


Brian and Justin have reunited and it feels oh so good!!!! A landmark case has Melanie backstroking her way out of a few commitments she made to Lindsay and their family.  Stockwell’s minions have infiltrated The Avenue and Woody’s is the next target.  Debbie holds a possibly clueless detective at fault.  More importantly, Ted has Ken and E’Shel very worried!  Also, E’Shel asks Ken something The Diners have been begging to know!!!

3×08 is here!!! This episode sets so many things in motion!  Lindsay is starting her new job at an art gallery and she calls on Emmett for a last minute assist.  Melanie and Ted each try on supporting roles, but only one of them is comfortable with the fit.  Ben and Michael’s neighborhood gets some new additions and there’s one in particular that Ben can’t shake.  Justin gets an internship at Brian’s agency and THINGS HAPPEN PEOPLE!!!!!!  So many things that we couldn’t even fit them all here.  Blame it on our happy tears and our inner twelve year olds.  

Fair warning, we get super loud on this one.  But it’s not our fault!  Things are tense!! Melanie and Lindsay get some good news about a certain bun in a certain oven.  Ted is out on bail and in need of a favor from an initially unwilling friend.  Brian is getting in deeper with Stockwell’s camp, and E’Shel can’t deny it’s becoming an issue. Ethan is back from Harrisburg and he brought something or SOMEONE with him!! We might have some strong feelings about that.

For better or worse, Brian ‘Benedict Arnold’ Kinney is doing wonders for Stockwell’s image and campaign.  Things are taking off for Ethan, while Justin ‘Miniver’ Taylor is being left behind.  Two officers show up for Ted, and NOT in the good way.  Ben is just about off the deep end and Michael is getting worried.  Finally!!!