Hello Diners!  We are so excited to share part of E’Shel’s interview with Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman, the showrunners behind Queer As Folk.  The conversation touches a bit on character backstories, found-family dynamics, and the social and political setting of the time.

Season 4 is stressing us all the way out!!!!  Vic decides it’s time to leave Debbie’s nest.  Emmett feels a way about the gang’s support for Ted.  Brian finds a home for Kinnetik.  Ted is building a new normal, but it’s lacking the presence of familiar faces.  Justin’s involvement with Cody and the Pink Posse gets deeper (and kinda darker).

Several members of the gang are finding their way back to the top.  Ted is leaving rehab and he’s a bit anxious about entering normal life again.  Brian gets to work building Kinnetik’s client list.  Emmett and Michael venture off to the land of Faerie Gatherings! Darren’s bashing reveals Justin’s unresolved issues and prompts him to seek a new outlet.   So… this one deals with some dark and controversial issues.  We need a few more episodes to figure out how we really feel.

It’s the season opener and there’s lots of stuff going on.  Michael and Ben take on Hunter’s mom in a custody hearing.  It’s charitable donation time, and with a little finessing from his PARTNER, Brian finds himself on the list of worthy causes.  Ted is in rehab, but we’re still seeing a few pinkish/reddish flags.  Debbie, Vic, Ken, and E’Shel are all looking for Emmett’s flame.  Okay Season Four, let’s do this!


Here’s a little trailer to whet your appetite for Season 4 of Queer As Folk.  E’Shel gives some information about the upcoming season and shares clips from conversations with a few members of the QAF Brain Trust! There’s also a little discussion that’s meant to remain between us friends.  Regular episodes will resume in January!

E’Shel and Erin are back with another session on Mr. Kinney.  While it’s not the kind of deep dive Erin was hoping for, it’s a conversation between friends who have lots of opinions.  We talk about his motivations, his issues, and his growth throughout Season Three.  Be sure to check out Erin’s podcast called It’s A Fandom Thing!!

Ken and E’Shel recorded this episode at midnight in a hotel room, screaming into E’Shel’s phone while drinking filthy martinis.  All of that is true!  Also true is our mad love and respect for all things Season 3.  We relive some of the major highs and emotional lows from this season and take a second look at a few storylines.  There’s so much more that we could’ve said but… midnight.  And martinis.

Lindsay accidentally stokes Melanie’s superstitions and deeply-rooted fears about her first trimester.  Hunter’s mom shows up and makes Ken and E’Shel have to break their promise about violence – they are only kinda sorry.  Emmett and Ted both reach their breaking points – there were tears pre-recording.   Brian gets inspired to sacrifice everything in one final attempt to stop Stockwell.  Ken gives Michael some praise and Justin gets a new middle name.  We can’t say enough about this Season Finale!  Strap us in on this emotional rollercoaster and send us on our way!

In this gritty episode, Hunter comes through with some key evidence in order to impress Mr. Kinney.  Ben and Michael celebrate progress and a birthday with Hunter.  Justin is called into the principal’s office to face the consequences of his anti-Stockwell actions.  Things are not good on the Ted and Emmett front.  Very not good.  Turns out, Brian Kinney makes a pretty great detective, and apparently he’s got a boyfriend.  Yeah, we said it, Brian!

ALSO: We had a technical issue with this episode so we apologize for the dodgy quality.  We are told by our podern family that these things happen.

Ted is back from his ‘lost weekend’ and he invites Emmett to partake in his souvenir.  Melanie and Lindsay are a bit less forgiving of Ted’s actions, leading to some harsh words and hurt feelings between the two couples.   The Littlest Hustler has some information about Dumpster Boy’s murder that sets Brian on trail.  Ben and Michael continue to open their home to Hunter (and his clients!!  WHOOPS!!).  Rage and JT team up once again to pursue a person of interest.