There is a lot to unpack in this episode! Emmett has planned a lovely speech for George’s memorial service, but Evil Virgnia will not allow him to speak.  Lindsay wants to renovate their attic space without Leda’s help, thank you very much! Michael and Justin put their heads together and RAGE is born.  Brian is introduced to a little something called jealousy.  Ken thinks it looks good on him.  This one is full of deep-dives, side-eyes, and ridiculousness.  We have no regrets!!

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6 comments on “2×15 RAGE/Now We Know His Kryptonite

  1. Kassiopeia Jul 13, 2021

    Might I point out that Brian said in 206 to Justin “If we are together it’s because we want to be” so I don’t know why you make such a big deal out of Michael saying it and Brian not denying it.

    I agree with you that Brian can’t / doesn’t want to talk about the bashing at least not in detail because it’s too painful for him so Justin can’t talk with him about it but there are other people. His mom? Daphne? Debbie? Mel? Linds? And I’m sure Justin saw a therapist while in hospital or at least was offered to speak with a therapist.

    Brian definitely has some self-worth problems and I don’t get how anyone who truly watched the show can’t see that (I don’t mean you two). I can’t say what arc to not spoil anything for Ken but one arc makes it so clear because no person with a healthy self-worth thinks what Brian thinks in that arc imo.

    I must admit I don’t get why Ken said “this is why I don’t like this man” unless he just dislikes Brian which would be totally ok even though I love Brian. But if he likes Brian in general I don’t get how Brian doing some shitty things from time to time leads to him not liking Brian. All the characters do shitty things to people they love from time to time. As for Ken’s question “why would you ruin it” it’s not like Brian went home with the plan to do it and people do stupid shitty things when they are hurt or jealous. I disagree about Brian doing that to Michael or otherwise he would have continued to make a move on David in the bath after he recognized him.

    I so understand the unfounded jealousy too because there is the logical thinking where you know that you don’t have to worry but there is this little voice in your head telling you all the horrible possibilities using your insecurities. I agree with E’Shel about Brian always expecting to be abandoned which makes totally sense considering his upbringing. I struggle with similar thoughts.

    I disagree that Justin knows Brian better than Michael at this point. He still has a lot to learn about Brian. I agree with you that Justin doesn’t know about Brian’s internal struggles and tbh I don’t see Justin as willing to learn about them at this point. This isn’t meant as Justin bashing it’s just how I see it. I think I know what you mean with dangerous but I think it’s normal for a new couple. You have to get to know each other and not only the good parts the bad parts too and especially their past. You have to find your footing as a couple imo and that takes time. I think to a certain degree Justin is an overdramatic teenager even in that situation. I agree with your point about his problems in regard to drawing due to the bashing and how he could come to his conclusion. But at the same time it’s so typical for many young people that they think in black or white and don’t see any nuances.

    I’m curious if Ken has the same “energy” for Justin (hating him if he is doing sometimes hurtful things and let himself win back) if / when Justin does something that comes close to be as shitty as pissing on the comic was or if Justin gets a free pass from him. I can’t name a situation to keep it spoiler free for Ken. It annoys me a lot that Justin gets a free pass from many people in the fandom no matter what he does. There is nothing wrong with pointing out when he behaves like an ass. In general he is a good person but sometimes he is an ass like everybody else.

    • liberty Jul 14, 2021

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I always enjoy hearing things from different angles. It’s important to remember that we are all sharing our interpretations, and no one’s interpretation invalidates another’s. It’s all love and respect.

      When Ken says ‘I don’t like this man’, it’s not meant literally. It’s his ‘dramatic’ way of saying he doesn’t like or agree with a choice he’s making. Brian is a sensitive subject among QAF fans, but it’s okay to see his strengths and his flaws. We’ve discussed and validated Brian’s self-worth issues, but there’s also a part of him that likes to poke at his friends. It’s part of his personality and his charm though!

      Just like you said, they are all human so none of them get it right all the time. But that honest and the show is all the better for it.

      • Kassiopeia Jul 15, 2021

        Ok, I took it literally when Ken said that. I just want to write again Ken (or anybody else) is free to dislike Brian. I just experienced it a lot in the fandom that viewers are fine / ok with Brian as long as he behaves how they think he should behave or is good to Justin like when he helps Justin recover after the bashing but as soon as Brian does something not so good or shitty like in this episode they behave like it invalidates the good things he did. And they don’t treat other characters especially Justin in the same way. It’s like there is one “guideline” for Brian and another for all the other characters. That is what I’m sensitive about sometimes maybe a bit too much because I identify a lot with Brian because I share a lot of his emotional problems. I don’t have a problem when viewers point out that Brian did something wrong. I do it myself e.g. in this episode Michael and Justin were right to be pissed as hell and demand an apology. I felt the need to clarify why I sometimes might come across as very “militant”.

        Of course he likes to poke at his friends I would never deny that. That’s why he has to live with it if they poke him back as long as a certain boundary is not crossed and I think he can live with it even likes it (bantering with someone as long as there is no real bad meaning behind it). I know that you discussed and validated Brian’s self-worth issues that’s why I wrote that I don’t mean you two. It was more meant as an incomprehension that some viewers don’t see it and think that Brian thinks of himself as the greatest man on earth. There are things were Brian knows he’s good (his job, his looks and in bed) and makes it known but other than that…

        • liberty Jul 15, 2021

          Appreciate this reply!

          Totally understand where you are coming from with Brian. It always adds a layer when we see ourselves in a character.

          I guess it depends on where you get and discuss your fandom commentary. In my experience, 99% of people love and defend Brian. I see it less so for the other characters. But again, I’m relatively newer to interacting with other people in the fandom so maybe I missed or haven’t encountered a lot of the Brian hate. Still, I try to defend both Brian and Justin equally. Yes, that could be my own bias creeping in, but we are all allowed to do that lol!

          Season 2 is tricky because a lot of the characters are coming to terms with or trying to figure out themselves or new/changing situations. I try to extend them all some grace because we all have to be allowed to learn and grow. Doesn’t mean I can’t call them out when they are wrong, I just try to see and understand why they might make the choices they make. Even when I disagree.

          I love that this show gives us so much to think and talk about!

          • Kassiopeia Jul 24, 2021

            Your experience is very different from mine then because I think Justin is the most defended character where you get virtually slapped if you dare to point out that he is not perfect to the point that some viewers even twist canon events in his favor.

            I guess it really is because you are relatively newer that you haven’t encountered a lot of the Brian hate. Do you remember when Brian took Justin to Debbie in S1 after Justin ran away to New York and Justin started living with her and Vic? Someone accused Brian that he did that because he wanted to have easy access to Justin’s ass….

          • liberty Jul 25, 2021

            Well, I’m glad I missed all the hate! I like to defend both Brian and Justin equally. I can also call each of them out when they need it. Since I try to think of these characters as real people, I try to understand what’s going on in their heads to make them act the way they act. It’s not about agreeing or condoning, just trying to see it from their perspective. I find that I enjoy the show more when I don’t hate any of main group.

            Fandoms are intense! Opinions are strong and all over the place. It’s interesting how we can all have different interpretations of one scene or story arc. But that’s art, and that’s okay, as long as people are respectful in sharing their own opinions and listening to others.