Emmett is lifting himself from the Valley of the Dulls with showtunes and party planning.  Ted meets a guy in church, but Ted’s ‘relief work’ is a little too much for him to handle.  Ben and Justin are the birthday boys in this episode, and Michael and Brian each have a very different approach for celebrating.  Or not celebrating.  Ken’s voice lasted just long enough for us to spill all the wonderful tea about a pair of pushy lesbians and a certain violin player.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  No fires occurred during the recording of this episode.  Feel free to ignore the beeping smoke detector trying to take over our recording session.  Super rude!!

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4 comments on “2×16 Up for Another Birthday Surprise

  1. Oh, I need the next episodes to come really fast now, my goodness. Thank you for another great episode. You guys are just amazing 💛
    So. Flower gate. First of all, I blame the man selling those flowers, he should have let Brian come to him, and not ask if he should wrap them… I think he might have bought them if he hadn’t done that. But, Brian was contemplating it, so… that’s huge and I love it and also I’m really moved by it. To me Brian has some really strong self worth issues, so to see him «in» this situation just makes me want to cry..
    Brian and Justin love eachother A LOT, but I truly believe (how do I not spoil right now?!) there are some valuable things to be learned and experienced for both of them now, things that will be really good and helpful for them in the long run… I think buying the flowers would have made Justin really happy, but then what? They have different views on how a relationship should or shouldn’t be, and what’s important or not in one. They have the most important ingredient, love, and just have to figure out the rest…. And they have come a long way.
    But I think Justin, bc he’s young, might have this idea of what romance looks like, and therefor also what love should look like, perhaps. And Brians behaviour /actions doesn’t nescessarily fit that image (or, in some instances help, I should add), and Justin, being where he is at right now, (probably) ends up feeling uncertain bc of this.
    It doesn’t help how the gang is acting.. (they make me so mad sometimes…)
    So, some contrasting and comparing, I guess, can sometimes be the most efficient way to realise what is real and what is not… And also, that sometimes one do risk losing the most important thing.. ❤️
    (Btw, why was Melanie and Lindsay so eager for Justin to meet «this Ethan», in the first place? It’s like they do not take Brians and Justins relationship seriously.. I don’t get them, sometimes.. )
    Thank you again for this podcast. It’s so lovely to listen to you guys discussing it – it makes me feel part of the discussion as well, and gives me some new perspectives on the diff. episodes as well, which is good. And you are both hilarious, so, just great! 💛

    • ..I forgot the most important thing; Brian absolutely should have done something special for Justins birthday (and I kind of would have expected him to, to be honest)💛

      • liberty Jun 30, 2021

        I think even Brian agreed with that, to an extent. He tried with the hustler. But… yeah.

        Appreciate the feedback and comments!!!!!

    • liberty Jun 30, 2021

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Flower Gate! It seems you and E’Shel might be on the same page! There’s a misalignment on a fundamental level that’s bigger than roses.

      The guy interrupting Brian’s process totally affected the outcome of that scene!

      The whole gang could be accused of getting too involved in each other’s lives at at times lol! But that’s how family goes. But yeah, like we said in the episode, there are no winners in the comparison game.