Mo’ money, mo’ problems!  Or in Michael’s case, less money.  Finances become a hurdle in Michael and Dr. David’s relationship.  Lindsay prepares to take extreme measures to secure the bag and protect a Frenchman.  Justin is suspended from school when he stands up to his bullies.  The most important thing we learn in this episode is that BRIAN KINNEY GIVES A S#!+

This one is all about daddies!  Having one and being one.  Brian agrees to keep Gus over the Leather Ball Weekend, but plans and intentions go awry when Jack Kinney shows up to deliver some news.  Michael plays the role of ‘the wicked step-mother’ to Dr. David’s son, Hank.  Ted visits a different kind of daddy to help him get out of his rut.    Tune in to find out how we rate all the daddies on Liberty Avenue in this episode.

Brian faces his sexual harassment suit head on, with the help of a few friends.  Michael’s relationship with Dr. David is tested by his loyalty to Brian.  AGAIN! Emmett gets his success story, and Ted delivers the speech of the year.  A vigilante by the name of Justin Taylor descends upon the alleys of Liberty Avenue with vengeance on his mind. Also, E’Shel and Ken have a very important discussion about shirts and Babylon.  Speaking of shirts! Check out our new store at

A fresh face around Brian’s office brings fresh ideas and wild accusations.  Mel and Lindsay’s relationship suffers a huge blow.  Michael and Ted’s ‘tool’ for fixing Emmett pushes him further into the light.  A whole lot of ‘somethings’ happen in this episode.  We’ve made room in our booth for you to sit with us while we dissect this one!

Ken and E’Shel are joined by a national treasure, commonly referred to as Scott Lowell!  Scott talks about his time as Ted and shares some insider information on the cast and crew of Queer As Folk.  SPOILERS AHEAD!! During the interview, Scott makes a few references that are listed here so you can check them out!  FYI, those ‘Poor Ted’ shirts are in the works!

*BOOK: The Gay Metropolis by Charles Kaiser

*MOVIES: The Thing About Harry (featuring Peter Paige!!); Steel Rain (on Netflix, Scott will be in Steel Rain 2)

*TV SHOWS: Adoptable (on Star Baby Network); I May Destroy You (on HBO Max)

*ORGANIZATIONS: CenterLink – LGBT Community Centers; Tyler Clementi Foundation

*OTHER: ScoLo (Scott’s YouTube Channel)

In this episode, we see Brian kiss and make up.  But not with the same person! Emmett’s search leads him to a new group.   Ted reaps some unexpected benefits.  Michael and Dr. David deal with the ups and downs of cohabitation.  The tension over at Mel and Lindsay’s just might be too thick for Ken and E’Shel to cut!  And did we mention ICE CREAM KISSES!!!!