This episode is full of new beginnings and chances to begin again for our Liberty Avenue  Gang.  Michael is trying to rediscover his footing, and Emmett helps him find a way to pay the rent in the meantime.  Ted’s extracurricular activities in the office land him in some big trouble with his boss.  Inspired by a classic ‘from the mouth of babes‘ moment, Melanie and Lindsay revisit their conversation on marriage.  Brian tries to find the key to unlock Justin’s trapped memories.  Fortunately, this episode makes us laugh enough to keep the tears at bay.  Mostly!

It’s the SEASON PREMIERE and we couldn’t be more excited to catch up with our Liberty Avenue Gang.  Lindsay and Melanie have to play nice and straight at Lindsay’s sister’s wedding; Emmett is still fabulous;  Ted is dealing with his breakup;  Michael is visiting from Portland;  and Brian is in the backroom.  Yep, seems about right.  We also get to see what happened with Justin post-bashing.  This episode gives us a lot to get riled up about, and we take advantage of as many opportunities as possible!


DISCLOSURE: Ken and E’Shel share some personal thoughts and opinions on a few social justice issues in this episode.  The statements are not intended to be inflammatory, but to briefly explain some of their own observations. By no means are they suggesting that we are now living in a wholly just society, only that some progress has been made, through possibly unexpected channels.

Ken and E’Shel have wrapped Season 1 and use this episode to talk about their journey so far.  It’s an honest conversation between two friends, who happen to be co-hosts of a podcast about an increadible show.  You will get to hear Ken’s hopes and predictions for Season 2, while E’Shel navigates the minefield full of spoilers!  We loved this chat and hope that you will enjoy it as well.  And yes, we know you can hear all kinds of background noise, blame on the juice that had us feeling very loose.

We’ve reached the season finale, and this episode has no regard for our emotions.  Ken and E’Shel do their best to hold it together and cover most of the ground this episode explores.  Brian turns thrity, even though he really really doesn’t want to.  Ted can no longer ignore Blake’s relapse and tough decisions have to be made.  Michael’s move to Portland with Dr. David is looking a little iffy.  Justin attends prom and everything is perfect.  We’re not crying, you are!  And yes, we spend ten minutes talking about a scarf.  WE HAVE NO REGRETS!!!

This episode shows our guys responding to and interacting with the idea of love.   Whether they are diving head first into it (Emmett), trying to pin it down (Justin), running from it (Brian), cultivating it (Ted and Blake), daring to hope for something similar to it (Vic), or right in the thick of it (Michael and Dr. David).  Also, Babylon crowns a new king!!!

We devoted a few very important minutes to debating zodiac signs, because it felt natural.

Ted committs to helping Blake, despite Emmett’s very loud and very aggressive warnings.  Justin does a favor for Daphne and blurs some lines in the process.  Brian deals with a loss the only way he knows how.  Also, we detour briefly to thank all the adoptive parents, both legal and implied, who have opened their hearts and homes to younger members of the LGBTQ+ community.

*To be clear, we know the members of the Liberty Ave. gang all love each other.  They just misunderstand and mishandle each other at times.  Just like any other family!

Ted sees a familiar face, but should he trust it?  Dr. David turns up in an unexpected place, and Ken is DISTRAUGHT!!  Justin needs to make a big decision about his future.  Will he be led by family obligation, or personal conviction? His ‘situation’, aka Brian Kinney, helps him remember himself, and find his way.  **We added a deep dive into Brian and Justin’s last conversation because we felt it was so necessary! Indulge us for 15 minutes, please!

In this episode, E’Shel sits down with the wonderful human, Peter Paige!  We talk about his time as ‘Emmett’, and the things that are keeping him booked and busy lately.  After this conversation, we can say that sometimes it’s okay to meet your heroes.

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Michael returns from his trip to Paris as a new man.  Will the gang appreciate the changes?  More importantly, will Ken?!  As Lindsay’s wedding to the Frenchman looms, she starts to question if she’s choosing the right spouse.  Justin kills Brian with kindness, prompting him to make a big decision.  In the middle of all the madness, our loveable gang makes a fashionable entrance and a powerful ally.