Ted is back from his ‘lost weekend’ and he invites Emmett to partake in his souvenir.  Melanie and Lindsay are a bit less forgiving of Ted’s actions, leading to some harsh words and hurt feelings between the two couples.   The Littlest Hustler has some information about Dumpster Boy’s murder that sets Brian on trail.  Ben and Michael continue to open their home to Hunter (and his clients!!  WHOOPS!!).  Rage and JT team up once again to pursue a person of interest.


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3 comments on “3×12 Puss-ona Non Grata

  1. Camron Yamini Nov 15, 2021

    I find it interesting that in season 1 Ted was trying to take care of Blake who was a crystal queen and now its reserve for him. Now Emmett have to take care of Ted who is a druggie. The whole scene was hard to watch.