Ted sees a familiar face, but should he trust it?  Dr. David turns up in an unexpected place, and Ken is DISTRAUGHT!!  Justin needs to make a big decision about his future.  Will he be led by family obligation, or personal conviction? His ‘situation’, aka Brian Kinney, helps him remember himself, and find his way.  **We added a deep dive into Brian and Justin’s last conversation because we felt it was so necessary! Indulge us for 15 minutes, please!

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2 comments on “1×18 Forever Young

  1. Laurie Jan 17, 2021

    SO appreciated the deep dive into the convo between Brian and Justin! Feel the exact same way! This dialogue in my view was the most poignant of the first season in terms of their “relationship”. It peeled some of the layers off how Brian really sees and feels about who Justin is AND who he is becoming to him. And it reminded Justin of who HE is becoming. Brave, determined, fearless. Traits Brian values and traits Justin will undoubtedly need to tap into in the coming journey. Loved loved the belief Brian clearly has in Justin and Justin’s realization of this. Beautiful scene and your breakdown nailed it! 🥰

    • liberty Jan 19, 2021

      Thanks Laurie!! I really hoped to convey all of what you said when breaking down that scene. You are right! It’s SO important. I love how you worded it. Brian does believe in Justin and he knew exactly what to say to him. They’ve learned so much about how to read, challenge, and encourage each other.