Brian and Brandon battle it out for the top spot at Babylon.  Ben and Michael have very different approaches to dealing with Hunter’s departure.  Melanie and Lindsay try an in-house separation.  Ken could never!!  Justin deals with a ghost from our past, and Emmett has his own version of a stalker.

We share a coming out story that gets a little intense.  Please skip 48:00 to 49:45 if you need to.  Other than that, E’Shel rants, Ken screams and faints, and we roll merrily along!

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We are stalling.  But we also have some news to share!  In this bonus episode, we continue to work our way through your head canon questions, then spill some good tea at the end.  We should be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week!

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We are switching things up at the Diner this week.  Ken and E’Shel take a break to answer a few of your head canon questions.  There are plenty more where these came from!  Also, E’Shel thinks that Brian’s other guilty pleasure is watching Sunshine sleep.  But not in a creepy way!

We are only mid-way through Season 5 so answers are limited to that time frame.  Keep sending your questions!

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News of a homophobic law, known as Proposition 14, arrives on Liberty Avenue.  Ted seems to have forgotten how revenge works.  Lindsay has a chance to reconcile with her parents.  Justin makes some decisions about what he wants to do with his life.  Michael and Brian finally reach the boiling point.

E’Shel is somewhere in a corner crying.  Ken is busy spreading scandalous rumors about Ron and Nancy at the Country Club.

Ted has a chance to get some revenge with a side of a little something!!  Emmett pushes the boundaries and finds out just how queer the “Queer Guy” can be.  Debbie finally finds her place – it looks kinda familiar!  Ben and Michael face new parenting challenges as recent, and not so recent, events finally catch up to Hunter.  A new face at Babylon threatens Brian’s reign.  E’Shel decided to ignore the last five minutes of the episode.  Ken is getting a new gym membership.

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The custody circus continues with Melanie, Michael, and Lindsay.  A newly minted Theodore (eventually) comes out of the sewers and back to the social scene.  Brian has a situation that causes Justin to do an evaluation.  We tried not to talk about it!  Now that everyone at school knows Hunter’s PRIVATE business, he’s left to deal with the fallout.  It was a drama filled one, but don’t worry!  There are lots of laughs here! This is one of our more self-indulgent podcast episodes, but we hope you enjoy it!

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So, emotionally, this episode felt like five episodes.  We were up, down, and ready to throw down! The diner isn’t missing Debbie the way she hoped, but she still proves to be quite useful.  Ted goes off to find happiness on an operating table.    Hunter has to deal with the awfulness of high school and very immature parents.  We’re just gonna pass on the Novotny-Bruckners.  Heavy. Sigh. Brian extends an olive branch, but also digs in his heels.   There’s a lot of drama and real life happening in here.  It’s tricky, but it’s so worth it!

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Get your popcorn bowl and your Liberty Diner Dish mug ready because this episode is serving!  Debbie considers a different path, and a woman in need shows up at the diner.  Emmett starts, loses, then secures his new gig as a very important queer person.  Our favorite dynamic duo teams up to bring the boys back to Babylon.  Michael, Lindsay, and Melanie engage in a game of limbo and we see just how low one of them can go.  We’ll say here that it’s messy and a little sad, but it sure was entertaining (and educational) television.  If your name is Ken or you have not seen past Episode 3 of Season 5, you should skip from 23:20 to 34.29!  We will know if you cheated, Ken!!

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We should probably start by saying there were bubbles and there was attitude.  You can blame the champagne for the tangents, and a certain someone for the go-offs.   Emmett dazzles his clients and gets a chance to step in front of the camera again.  Fully clothed this time! Tired of the same old, same old, Ted starts working on a new look.  Brian rebuilds Babylon, but the boys do not come.  Michael challenges the custody arrangement he has with Melanie and Lindsay.  Ken and E’Shel threaten violence, but no Novotny-Bruckners were harmed during this episode.  Also, Justin is home!!!!!

We’re tackling the first episode of Season Five of Queer As Folk and we can already see they are not going to go easy on us.  Melanie and Lindsay have an announcement to make at their unsanctioned surprise 10th Anniversary party.  Ben and Michael make new friends and then do some stuff that we have LOTS of words about.  Ted’s pastry habit helps him draw the eyes of a new suitor. Over at Debbie’s, Carl is moving in and Emmett is moving out.   Justin and RAGE are conquering Hollywood, but how will they fare against their biggest villain yet: CENSURE!!  Brian is a whole roller coaster of emotions unto himself.  The diner is open and we have the tea!