We’re tackling the first episode of Season Five of Queer As Folk and we can already see they are not going to go easy on us.  Melanie and Lindsay have an announcement to make at their unsanctioned surprise 10th Anniversary party.  Ben and Michael make new friends and then do some stuff that we have LOTS of words about.  Ted’s pastry habit helps him draw the eyes of a new suitor. Over at Debbie’s, Carl is moving in and Emmett is moving out.   Justin and RAGE are conquering Hollywood, but how will they fare against their biggest villain yet: CENSURE!!  Brian is a whole roller coaster of emotions unto himself.  The diner is open and we have the tea!

We here at Liberty Diner Dish have decided that we are not emotionally prepared to handle Season Five of Queer As Folk yet, so we’re just going to hang out in the in-between for another week.  Here’s a short snippet from our Patreon vault to help you ease into Monday.  Don’t forget to send your headcanon questions to us at libertydinerdish@gmail.com!

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