We did it!  We did it, Joe!!  Gold stars for those who get that reference!

After covering 83 episodes of Queer As Folk, Ken and E’Shel pause for a deep breath and a dance break (over a phone call).  Season and series finale episodes are in the works, but it seems only right to have a moment to stand under the raining glitter while the thumpa thumpa pulses.    This is just a little tease and a little reassurance that the diner is still open!

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Here’s a little trailer to whet your appetite for Season 4 of Queer As Folk.  E’Shel gives some information about the upcoming season and shares clips from conversations with a few members of the QAF Brain Trust! There’s also a little discussion that’s meant to remain between us friends.  Regular episodes will resume in January!

This episode is full of tough conversations.  Emmett and Ted butt heads as Emmett’s star power and Ted’s profit rise.  Lindsay has a face off with her parents.  The gang hears about Ben’s status, and they all have opinions.  This episode is a great example of what we love most about Queer As Folk.  It entertains, educates, and encourages conversation.