In a season that exposed a lot of Brian’s insecurities and fears, we also got to see his incredible capacity for growth and change.  E’Shel and Erin chat about the continuing evolution of Brian ‘Sex on Legs’ Kinney.

TRIGGER WARNING!!!! This episode contains a brief discussion about suicide (24:00-27:00ish).  Skip a few minutes if you need to.  There’s still lots of good conversation that you won’t miss out on!

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Season Four was a ride! Ken and E’Shel sat down to try to relive it, but quickly realized it’s near impossible to fit this season into one episode.  All the growth! All the beauty of healing!! All the beef!!! Yeah, not enough words or time.   Instead, here are some impromptu thoughts about some of the characters’ journeys over the season, and a little bit about what Ken expects to see in the final season of Queer as Folk.  One more note, Ken knows the Pink Posse is fictional, he’s talking about all of the history, people, and organizations that informed the creation of the Pink Posse.

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It’s a wrap on Season Four and what a journey it has been!  As the Liberty Riders make their way to the finish line, the newlyweds, Michael and Ben, have a bit of trouble at the border, which prompts Debbie to take a stand.  Emmett and Ted lose their way, but eventually find the road that leads them home.  How symbolic?!  Brian has another setback, but determination, motivation, and a faithful friend see him through.  Out in Hollywood, Rage the Movie gets a greenlight, and a new door is opened for Justin.  Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, Melanie and Lindsay celebrate a beginning and mourn an end.  We feel ways about all of this. Rants will occur!

Ken is watching clips of Tom Cruise running on a loop.  E’Shel is pretending to be impressed.

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Carl wants to make an honest woman out of Debbie and it’s so sweet!  Melanie and Lindsay also make a decision about their future, but it’s not so sweet.  Emmett is serving fashion and friendship, joining Ted on the Liberty Ride as his support system.  Justin flies to Hollywood and gets an introduction to the lifestyle of the young, rich, and famous.  Michael and Ben rewrite Michael’s fairytale.  We are so happy for them!!  The Liberty Ride begins and there’s a surprise rider who happens to have the same long, leanly-muscled figure of one Brian A. Kinney.

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Ken and E’Shel are referring to this episode as The One With The Pulp. It’ll make sense when you listen. We can all agree that it’s been A LOT lately on Liberty Avenue.  This ‘slight pause’ of an episode finds our characters in conversations regarding recent events.  Melanie is winning all the awards for passive aggression.  Hunter’s future in-laws stop by for a parent to parent chat.  Debbie gives Brian some words of wisdom from Vic.  Emmett and Drew try to define their entanglement in their infamous motel room.  Ken is mourning the loss of his motel time.  E’Shel is dusting off her stationary bike.



Of all the things this episode is giving, mixed-emotions are definitely at the top of the list!  Brian has a few questions for a threat-throwing fund-raiser.  Hunter is up to something, but it’s not as taboo as Michael thinks.  Or is it?? Debbie gets to work on operation ‘I’ll Take Your Man’.  After shaking some paintings with Sam, Lindsay has to face the mirror and her partner.  Emmett attends Drew’s game, but the victory celebration doesn’t go to plan.  Ken is still waiting in a cheap motel room somewhere in Pittsburgh.  E’Shel is waiting for Catherine in a parking lot.

Near the end of this episode, we take some time to discuss a sensitive topic.  It’s just a candid conversation between friends that’s meant to acknowledge, not solve, an issue.  It’s not eloquent or perfect, but we believe in healthy, open-minded conversation, and readily admit that we don’t have all the answers!

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Brian is having a bit of a performance issue, but an unexpected office meeting helps get a rise out of Rage!  Emmett is living Ken’s best life!  He also helps Ted continue to rack up the victories at work by putting a certain football player on Ted’s radar.  Lindsay and Ben are the co-captains of Team Too Much!  E’Shel is trying to organize her thoughts about a certain storyline and Ken is filing a lawsuit against Emmett for identity theft.

We chat briefly about bug-chasing, but please note that our discussion is not meant to represent all motives and definitions used by those who engage in any part of that practice.

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The ‘Big C’ has Brian on the struggle bus, and his absence forces Ted to channel his inner Brian Kinney (as we all should from time to time).  Emmett finds a new business partner and sets a football player straight (we stand by this word choice).  Flattery is getting some people very far!  We’re looking at you Lindsay/Sam and Ben/Anthony.  Justin ‘Sunshine’ Taylor serves up some chicken soup and some REALNESS!!!! Both are very satisfying!  Ken is still glued to the screen watching a certain scene on repeat.  E’Shel is obediently eating her soup.


Lindsay finds inspiration in a mad man.  A familiar face returns to help Debbie with her grief.  Ben is tripping, Ted is counseling, and Emmett is orchestrating.  Brian is back from his trip and putting up a good front.  Justin overhears an informative message and a bunch of stuff happens.  Ken and E’Shel do a bunch of heavy sighing and side-eyeing as a result.

Everyone is pretty much doing the most in this episode and not caring at all about our emotional capacity!  The family attends Uncle Vic’s funeral and we are not even hiding the fact that we are crying.  Emmett goes to Ted to make amends.  Debbie is preparing for the most perfect Christmas ever.  In February.  Hunter is acting out, Michael is doing Michael things, and Ted is not listening to us yelling at the screen.  Brian gets some news about his health and has to make a big decision.  But luckily Sunshine is doing Sunshine things.