Okay, so listen.   No, really, listen.  You gotta listen to this episode the whole way through because, yeah.  Just because.  This one is packed with some tough stuff.  Also, you gotta give Ken some space and time.  He gets there.  Meanwhile, Emmett is having to choose between truth and trillions (fine, millions).  Ben has a health scare that tests Michael’s strength. Justin and Brian are not in a great place and E’Shel is not okay, alright!  Ethan insists on continuing to exist and occupy the same space as Justin.  We think we can do this.  Maybe.

Emmett inherits some of George’s millions.  Leda steps in to help Melanie and Lindsay fight off a severe case of Lesbian Bed Death.  A major shift at Brian’s firm causes him to cancel his vacation plans with Justin.  E’Shel doesn’t want Justin and Michael left alone together, and Ken thinks Leda is a sneaky, but very sexy snake.

Emmett is lifting himself from the Valley of the Dulls with showtunes and party planning.  Ted meets a guy in church, but Ted’s ‘relief work’ is a little too much for him to handle.  Ben and Justin are the birthday boys in this episode, and Michael and Brian each have a very different approach for celebrating.  Or not celebrating.  Ken’s voice lasted just long enough for us to spill all the wonderful tea about a pair of pushy lesbians and a certain violin player.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  No fires occurred during the recording of this episode.  Feel free to ignore the beeping smoke detector trying to take over our recording session.  Super rude!!

There is a lot to unpack in this episode! Emmett has planned a lovely speech for George’s memorial service, but Evil Virgnia will not allow him to speak.  Lindsay wants to renovate their attic space without Leda’s help, thank you very much! Michael and Justin put their heads together and RAGE is born.  Brian is introduced to a little something called jealousy.  Ken thinks it looks good on him.  This one is full of deep-dives, side-eyes, and ridiculousness.  We have no regrets!!

There aren’t enough exclamation points in the world for this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But first, TRIGGER WARNING: We discuss attempted sexual assault and non-consensual situations in this episode.

So, a lot happens!  Debbie has a date with the slightly un-friendly neighborhood detective.  George and Emmett set off on an adventure of a lifetime.  Justin’s job is demanding more of his time and character, causing Brian to straddle the line between parent and partner.   We started a few conversations in this episode that we had to cut short, but we fully intend to revisit them! Stay tuned!


Melanie and Lindsay try to play the ‘straights’ game in the hope of getting Gus admitted to a prestigious preschool.  The legendary Divina Devore swings through Pittsburgh, and this queen brings the wigs and the tea!!!  Justin takes on a second job to make money to cover his tuition.  Ken, E’Shel, and Brian don’t want to talk about it.

TRIGGER WARNING: We discuss dubious consent in the entertainment industry around minute 50:00, and the conversation continues until about minute 57:00.

Ted is hoping to be granted entrance into an elite club, but he’s wondering if the cost of admission might be more than he’s willing to pay.  Debbie enlists Jennifer to help her collect clues that lead to the name of the kid she found in the dumpster.  We learn that Ben and Brian have a little history, and Michael isn’t taking that revelation too well.  We have many words to say about that scene in Michael’s shop!!

Melanie and Lindsay’s wedding is upon us! Mercury is in retrograde and it’s stirring up all sorts of drama for our gang.  With the help of an unlikely wedding coordinator (*cough* Brian Kinney *cough*), Emmett, Ted, Michael, Justin, Vic, and Debbie all rally to pull off a wedding in under twenty-four hours.

To be clear!  Ken is no longer enamored with a certain doctor (FINALLY), and E’Shel is NOT trying to declaw Brian Kinney.  Regarding the tickets, WE SAID WHAT WE SAID!!! But all opinions, including ours, are welcome!

Death makes its way to Liberty Avenue, taking Captain Astro and a nameless person with it.  Michael grieves the loss of his hero; Debbie goes toe to toe with a grouchy and insensitive detective; Brian and Justin have opposing responses to a potential threat; and Lindsay makes a surprising discovery about her late grandmother.  But this episode isn’t all death and danger!  George is GETTING. HIS. LIFE. Thanks to Emmett Honeycutt!

Ted’s attempt to relax and unwind is met with firm opposition.  Michael crosses a court, a karaoke stage, and his mother to get Ben back.  Brian meet’s his mother’s minister on ground that is more soiled than sacred.  He also accidentally outs himself to Joan Kinney!  Let’s just consider this episode to be the one where Ken and E’Shel rant A LOT!