Ken and E’Shel tackle this very heavy episode that introduces us to Jack Kinney, and gives us some insight on Brian’s childhood.  Luckily, Emmett’s flame is burning brightly to lighten things up.  We see three of our main characters dealing with their own self-contradictions and seeking to find resolutions.  Plus, a snarky and sassy Justin shows up to play in this one! You love to see it!!

Our Coffee and Conversation episodes will feature interviews with other fans of Queer As Folk.  In this podcast, E’Shel is joined by QAF fan-fic writer and professional author, Nichelle Wellesly.  They chat about first impressions, love triangles, and Brian Kinney’s issues with the “L” word.  FYI: from about minute 40:00, Nichelle is commenting on the handling of the characters in QAF fan-fiction, not as written by CowLip.  Enjoy!

In this emotional episode, Justin continues to deal with the challenges of coming out.  Debbie’s health takes a turn and as a result, Michael finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place at the Big Q.  Brian takes in a stray.  Or should that be a stalker??!  Ken and E’Shel discuss the difference and a whole lot more!

Ted takes an ‘appropriate’ leap in dating.  Michael asks Dr. David for a second chance, and Brian inserts himself into their budding relationship. Justin finds favor with “Brian’s lesbians” Melanie and Lindsay.  Debbie spills the tea on God’s Gift to Gay PA to Jennifer.    A 2-D image reveals more about Brian than any of his friends have so far.  Ken and E’Shel manage to discuss all of this, and more, in under five hours!


In this episode, members of the gang begin to think about what comes next for them.  Michael fumbles a first date with a handsome doctor, while Ted reconsiders his nightlife.  A business proposition forces Brian to look at himself in the mirror.  Jennifer and Justin FINALLY have a breakthrough!  Join Ken and E’Shel as they grab a booth to dish on all the details.

The one where Ken and E’Shel get into a fight about Ken’s jealousy issues!  This episodes dives deep into what it means to know and be known by your friends, your family, and yourself.  Michael and Emmett discover and share a few secrets, Brian has to make a BIG decision, Justin goes for (and gets) what he wants, and Jennifer struggles to connect with her son.  We also get a closer look at three mother/son relationships.  SHOUT-OUT MOMS!!!