We here at Liberty Diner Dish have decided that we are not emotionally prepared to handle Season Five of Queer As Folk yet, so we’re just going to hang out in the in-between for another week.  Here’s a short snippet from our Patreon vault to help you ease into Monday.  Don’t forget to send your headcanon questions to us at libertydinerdish@gmail.com!

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2 comments on “So… About Season Five

  1. Kassiopeia Apr 25, 2022

    I’m “glad” that you didn’t started with S5 this week so maybe I can start catching up a little bit. I took a break from the podcast (and a few other things) out of personal reasons even though I couldn’t wait for you to get to S4 because it’s my favourite season (together or shortly followed from S1).

    • liberty May 2, 2022

      We will always be here when you come back! We needed to give ourselves a few weeks to breath and rest before jumping into Season 5. We both LOVED Season 4 and while I am a bit nervous about Season 5, I’m looking forward to working my way through it.