Of all the things this episode is giving, mixed-emotions are definitely at the top of the list!  Brian has a few questions for a threat-throwing fund-raiser.  Hunter is up to something, but it’s not as taboo as Michael thinks.  Or is it?? Debbie gets to work on operation ‘I’ll Take Your Man’.  After shaking some paintings with Sam, Lindsay has to face the mirror and her partner.  Emmett attends Drew’s game, but the victory celebration doesn’t go to plan.  Ken is still waiting in a cheap motel room somewhere in Pittsburgh.  E’Shel is waiting for Catherine in a parking lot.

Near the end of this episode, we take some time to discuss a sensitive topic.  It’s just a candid conversation between friends that’s meant to acknowledge, not solve, an issue.  It’s not eloquent or perfect, but we believe in healthy, open-minded conversation, and readily admit that we don’t have all the answers!

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2 comments on “4×11 A Hard Spot

  1. Cameron Mar 15, 2022

    I absolutely died when Ken said “long titties” 💀 I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣🤣 I love mondays!!

    • liberty Mar 16, 2022

      You and me both!!! I had to move away from the mic so y’all wouldn’t hear how loudly I was cackling!!