The ‘Big C’ has Brian on the struggle bus, and his absence forces Ted to channel his inner Brian Kinney (as we all should from time to time).  Emmett finds a new business partner and sets a football player straight (we stand by this word choice).  Flattery is getting some people very far!  We’re looking at you Lindsay/Sam and Ben/Anthony.  Justin ‘Sunshine’ Taylor serves up some chicken soup and some REALNESS!!!! Both are very satisfying!  Ken is still glued to the screen watching a certain scene on repeat.  E’Shel is obediently eating her soup.


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4 comments on “4×09 Eat Some F’king Chicken Soup

  1. Cameron Mar 1, 2022

    I don’t want this podcast to end! I’m still glad we’re on season 4! Suggestion for another podcast y’all should do would be “Eurphoria” it gives me the same feelings as when I discovered QAF.

    • liberty Mar 5, 2022

      Ken is currently watching Euphoria!! E’Shel has never seen it so it’s definitely going on the list!! Thanks for suggesting it! We need all the recommendations so we can keep going!

  2. Ashley Mar 4, 2022

    I second the vote for a Euphoria podcast. In full disclosure, I haven’t seen the show but my friends have been telling me to watch it for a year or so. If LDD were to review it, I’d listen just to continue getting more weekly dish from E’Shel and Ken! That being said, I’m on board for *any* show or topic you choose to cover next. 🙂

    Episode 4×09 is perhaps my favorite episode of the final two seasons of QAF. While the cancer storyline is brutal, this episode gives us a glimpse into a huge moment of emotional healing for Brian via Justin, with an assist from Michael. Justin’s ‘chicken soup’ moment was a rare instance — maybe the only instance (?)— in which we see someone literally fight to care for Brian at a time when he’s vulnerable and providing them nothing in return. I think of Brian as an adult survivor of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), who due to abuse and a lack of nurturing in childhood is left dealing with shaky self worth and a super stunted, avoidant attachment style in relationships. So of course he wants to runaway and push Justin away. Justin comes through though to forcefully shift his thinking into a healthier place. And what better symbolism to use than the universal healing sustenance of chicken soup? (Notice Michael tried earlier but literally didn’t have what it takes.)

    It’s interesting to think about how 4×09 informs other things we see in Brian during season 4 (keeping it vague to avoid spoilers).

    • liberty Mar 5, 2022

      We are hoping to immediately jump into the next show or movie or whatever. We just need you guys to keep following our journey!

      4×09 is SOOOOO good. I agree. Brian is so deeply affected and shaped by his childhood. I’ve been studying a lot about attachment styles and can easily see where Brian fits. This episode does seem to kick things into overdrive! Can’t wait to see where it all leads.