Lindsay finds inspiration in a mad man.  A familiar face returns to help Debbie with her grief.  Ben is tripping, Ted is counseling, and Emmett is orchestrating.  Brian is back from his trip and putting up a good front.  Justin overhears an informative message and a bunch of stuff happens.  Ken and E’Shel do a bunch of heavy sighing and side-eyeing as a result.

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2 comments on “4×08 My Boyfriend Has Cancer

  1. Mia/Ryan Feb 21, 2022

    I have a question, if the roles were reversed and Justin was the one with cancer and tried to hide it from Brian. How do you think he’d deal, before knowing and after knowing?

    I think after learning, Brian would torture Justin a touch in order to get him to crack.

    • liberty Feb 22, 2022

      Ooh! What a great question you ask, like always!! I kinda think he would try a subtle approach at first. Silently being there and trying to help. Like he did in Season 2 with the computer. But after awhile, he would see Justin doing things that are detrimental to his health and recovery LIKE GOING AFTER GUYS AT BABYLON AND TRYING TO KEEP CLUBBING HOURS, and he would decide to bring out the big guns. Then I think he would call Justin one of his mean/loving nicknames and tell him to stop acting like an idiot and to accept his help. Brian definitely wouldn’t be able to hold out for long. You know how Brian feels about Justin being hurt or going without something he needs!