Everyone is pretty much doing the most in this episode and not caring at all about our emotional capacity!  The family attends Uncle Vic’s funeral and we are not even hiding the fact that we are crying.  Emmett goes to Ted to make amends.  Debbie is preparing for the most perfect Christmas ever.  In February.  Hunter is acting out, Michael is doing Michael things, and Ted is not listening to us yelling at the screen.  Brian gets some news about his health and has to make a big decision.  But luckily Sunshine is doing Sunshine things.

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2 comments on “4×07 Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

  1. Mary Tompkins Aug 16, 2022

    Also there is an under tone of A Christmas Carol ,Michael is ghost of past, Gus is future and Justin is present and Scrooge, I mean Brain changes his heart.

    • liberty Aug 21, 2022

      Now I need to go back to this episode and look out for that!