We have arrived at Season Three and this opening episode does not disappoint.  The Season Two finale closed one door, and opened a few more.  Ted and Emmett work out the kinks in their budding relationship.  Circumstances prompt Michael and Ben to take the next step in their relationship.  Justin wakes up in Ethan’s bed, and Brian feels his absence from the loft more than Ken expected.  This episode also brings us Mad Dog Kinney and the right-hook felt ’round the Avenue.  Fair warning, we are not happy with Michael in this episode.

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2 comments on “3×01 You Must Really Love Him

  1. Yeah! To a new season and another great episode 🤍

    My comments are always almost the same, but I can’t help it! 😊
    To Ken’s question about Brian telling Justin that «I hope you get what you want», and if he should’ve said it or not;.. To me it goes back to Justin and Brian’s conversation at the loft, and the whole «he loves me in ways that you won’t»-thing.. Brian doesn’t show his love the way Justin at that moment needs, and the way Ethan so readily does (all gestures and (possibly) no real substance..). I think the way Brian said it (in the bathroom), he says it with alot of love (that’s how I interpret his expression), and I think it’s just important for him that Justin knows that he respects his descission and that he wants him to be happy (even if he broke his heart…😞). To me this (this and also his conversation w Lindsay) is what made me get onboard w the theory that he did a Kinney-cliff in the last ep in s2…

    One thing I found a bit interesting in this episode, is how Brian actually admitts his love when talking to Lindsay («..and even if I did…»), but to Michael just leaves it at «I don’t believe in love»… Is it because he doesn’t want to show his vulnerability? Or is it smth else? (I mean, would he worry that M then would get his hopes up…?)

    When Justin picked up his stuff at the loft, I do think it was mostly memories, buuut, I think it might have been some future possibilities as well? Was it a deliberate choice to have Justin have longer hair in the icecream kiss -scene than in the historic one we already know? I don’t know, but I like the idea that it’s a possibility one, and it fits with the obvious fact that Justin is not over Brian. Which leeds me to Justin’s expression after Brian (rightfully) (I do not promote violence either, but this is a tv-show, and also Michael…) punched Michael; what I saw in his expression was a first realisation that Brian does have (deep) feelings for him.. to me it almost looked like a first layer of doubt was disappearing from Justin.. Justin went from «knowing» Brian loved him, to doubting all of it, hence ending up w Ethan, but now, to me, it’s like the layers of doubt are being removed..

    «You must really love him». Finally Michael, you get it!!! Also, that Brian IS able to change, and do change, WITH the right person. So now, Michael, stop making Brian your purpose in life…

    Loved your talk about Emmet and Ted, and I think your worries are spot on!

    Thank you again for another great episode! (Also, I appologize for wrong-spelling and bad grammar… English is not my first language and also my phone has it’s very own spelling.. 😉 ) 🤍🤍

    • liberty Aug 31, 2021

      Hello hello! Love your comments. Thanks for consistently sending those. I (E’Shel) agrees with you about Brian’s sentiment in the bathroom. I think this was his moment to say something of substance to Justin and that’s what he chose. I think it shows that he wants good for Justin, even if that’s not him. And yes, Brian does want Justin to know that he understands and respects his decision.

      Team Kinney Cliff!!!!!! (end of 2×20) It hurt so much to watch it, but Brian had his reasons, messed up as they may be.

      We talking about Brian and the L word in this next episode. We basically say what you said here.

      I also like the idea of it being a mix of memories AND possibilities. My mind wants to accept that as truth lol!

      I’m very interested to see what happens to those layers of doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Michael, Michael, Michael. I just… don’t even know where to start!

      Your grammar is beautiful, just like you! Don’t apologize! Thank you A MILLION TIMES for listening to us and interacting with us!