Season Two has been a wild ride and we expected nothing less from this finale!  Ben is considering a long stint in Tibet.  Ted thinks he’s found his new love, and our favorite meddling mamas encourage him to shoot his shot.  Michael and Justin prep for the release of RAGE, but the blurred lines between their personal and professional lives are causing some issues.  (Ken and E’Shel are wearing matching SNITCHES GET STITCHES shirts).  Brian and Justin face an emotional reckoning, and someone should go check on E’Shel because she’s probably still not okay.  We had a LOT to say about this episode, but stick with us ’til the end!  PLEASE!!

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6 comments on “2×20 It’s Your Call Where You Want To Be

  1. Thank you for another great episode 🤍 This one really gave me some new angles that I hadn’t thought about, and I loved your deep dig in to both Justin and Brian. I love and understand them both (not the same as agreeing to some actions), and this episode just makes me sad.

    And angry. At Michael. (I often am. I’m wearing the same t shirt as you guys 😉). Your question about why he didn’t try to talk to Brian / help him find ways to help the relationship etc if he was so worried, or when Justin tried to talk to him about it, is so important! (I wish he was confronted with all his stuff in the show…It would be great to see him grow a bit as well, bc he does have a big heart, I guess) And the reason why he doesn’t do this, I think, it’s the same as it always has been; he has this view of Brian and doesn’t realise that he is able to change and actually already has. I don’t think he realise the impact Brians feelings for Justin has (had) on Brian. «That isn’t Brian» seems to be his mantra. I do realise Brian doesn’t nescessarily show these changes to everyone, but Brian is supposed to be his best friend (!), and I wish Michael would open his eyes a bit instead of being stuck in this «this is Brian» mindset. Yes, I am mad at this fictional caracter! 😉

    I hadn’t thought about that last scene as a Kinney cliff, but it makes sense and I’m glad you mentioned it. Will not spoil, just say that I suddenly remembered something Brian says in the next episode, that makes me think you are absolutely right about this. So thank you for that, bc that moment is extra painful.

    To me, the sleep scene is almost the saddest and most beautiful moment in this episode. It’s sad bc Justin can’t see or feel or understand the love that Brian just radiates in this moment and that Justin craves, and it’s beautiful bc of the way Brian falls asleep so quickly when Justin is finally there. He can finally relax. I tells you a great deal about the impact Justin has on Brian, even now with all the uncertainty.

    I think you are absolutely right about Justin and the impact the trauma still has on him, and thank you Ken, for your «defending Justin» speech! Ot’s important to remember all this.

    Now we shall wait for the famous silver lining that we are promised exists behind every cloud ❤️

    Thank you guys!! 🤍

    • liberty Aug 10, 2021

      Thank you, B!! There is so much depth to Brian and Justin’s ‘whys’ in this whole arc. I feel exactly the same as you, I can understand, even when I don’t agree with certain choices. Glad we could give you new angles to consider!

      Ugh! Michael! You are right, he does have a big heart, he just sometimes has a big mouth. His good intentions don’t always take the other person(s) or the whole situation into consideration. I would also say that he hasn’t really caught up to where Brian is now. But yes, ALL of these characters have room to grow.

      It is not fun watching Brian with Rage in that last scene. The ‘Kinney Cliff’ explanation worked for E’Shel, but we know there are other possible explanations and opinions. Can’t wait to see what you are referring to in the Season 3 episode!! Love it when a guess is confirmed!

      That scene in the loft is beautiful and emotional. No dialogue, but so much going on in their minds and in their eyes. If only Justin could ‘see’. If only Brian could ‘hear’.

      I’m SO glad Ken defended Justin here. Justin gets a lot of heat for this arc and I think he deserves a little more consideration.

      Can’t wait for the silver lining!!!!

  2. Emanuelly Aug 14, 2021

    I think the “Rage” scene impact so much because it is the first time we actually see Brian in action in the backroom. Like he normally would just get a blowjob, but we never have seen him on the backroom having full sex, till now. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not.

    Okay I really want to know what you guys would think if:
    1: If Justin didn’t travel to Vermont, and actually listened Brian called him partner, it would change anything?
    2: If Ethan never show up, would Justin look for him after or He would just break up with Brian?
    3: If Jennifer or any nurse actually tell Justin just one F* time, that Brian was in the hospital every night for him, before the rage party.
    4: If Justin somehow remembers the prom, that would change the break up?
    5: If Ethan never even been born…. kkkk ok maybe I’m anti-Ethan. Or maybe he already deluded someone else and never met Justin or was invited to play in a concert in Japan, there better.

    • liberty Aug 17, 2021

      Thanks for the comment!! These are really good what-ifs!!!! We will try to work this in on an episode of the podcast, but if we can’t I’ll be back with answers/thoughts for you!!

  3. Hey guys, first i wish to thank you for doing this. I has made my rewatch infinitely more enjoyable.
    Kinney cliff comment is spot on for me, that was my interpretation even on first viewing.
    When Justin came home to Brian that night his heart was not in it and Brian is no fool. He’ s giving him the funal push.
    If we go back to 2×19 that comment he gave about the winners and that it wasn’t them had double meaning, at least for me.
    And the shower scene, omg the shower scene. Without You I’m Nothing by Placebo and Bowie that’s playing is 100% Brian at that moment. The lyrics made me cry like a baby.

    Strange infatuation seems to grace the evening tide.
    I’ll take it by your side.
    Such imagination seems to help the feeling slide.
    I’ll take it by your side.
    Instant correlation sucks and breeds a pack of lies.
    I’ll take it by your side.
    Oversaturation curls the skin and tans the hide.
    I’ll take it by your side.

    Tick – tock x3
    Tick – tick – tick – tick – tick – tock

    I’m unclean, a libertine
    And every time you vent your spleen,
    I seem to lose the power of speech,
    You’re slipping slowly from my reach.
    You grow me like an evergreen,
    You’ve never seen the lonely me at all

    Take the plan, spin it sideways.
    Without you, I’m nothing.
    Without you, I’m nothing.
    Without you, I’m nothing.
    Take the plan, spin it sideways.
    Without you, I’m nothing at all.

    What do you guys think?
    Cheers, and thanks again for doing this❤️

    • liberty Jul 23, 2022

      Season 2 was TOUGH, but so good and complex. I love how the music adds to the storylines. Great song for what’s happening in Brian’s head!