It’s the penultimate episode of Season 2 and things are brewing!  Too much of a good thing has turned out to be a very bad thing for Poor Ted.  Debbie and Carl’s date leads to a bowling match between her crew and his.  Melanie and Lindsay finally have to address the Leda of it all!  Michael witnesses some VERY PUBLIC PDA between Justin and Ethan, and Brian is starting to get the picture.  Michael, Ken and E’Shel need to have a word with you after class!

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4 comments on “2×19 Go Take A Shower – You Stink

  1. Emanuelly Jul 26, 2021

    When you come back to season 1, you can clearly see how much Justin has changed since the bashing. I know that the show not developed issues like mental illness too much, he really need a therapist, because is clear that Justin changed, he stopped trusting people and more obviously stopped to read Brian like he used to. That so much little things that Brian does in season 2 that if it was The same Justin is season 1 he was going to be in heaven. “I’m onto you ” know what I mean. Justin is not only confused about what he wants, but he is confused because he doesn’t have the same confidence he had before. And I wish that Brian had see that, the bashing was a big deal and it gets me mad that sometimes they ignores it.

    • liberty Jul 26, 2021

      I think you are right! Justin is clearly struggling this season. This isn’t the same version of Justin that was onto Brian. He’s not being intentionally blind, he has his own stuff going on that’s making it harder to see beneath the surface of Brian’s actions.

      Thank you for listening and commenting!!! Makes out day to read notes like this!!

  2. Hi! Thank you for another great listen! Just wanted to comment that I agree 100000% with E’Shels theories today, on both Justin/Ethan and Justin/Brian. And the reference you made to the scene with the cd a few episodes ago was just beautiful, and also makes a lot of sense to me. Ethan is pushing all the right buttons at the moment, and I think it’s all these gestures that atracts Justin right now (and not actual feelings)… We should absolutely give him the side eye, buuuut in the end this is Justins responsibility, he is the one in a relationship, not Ethan. When you made the point about Justin not knowing all the things Brian has done, it almost made me cry, both for Justin and for Brian. Imagine Justin knowing 😭And for Brian who is so often misunderstood bc people doesn’t see beneath the surface (for diff. reasons), knowing all he does to show his love, and all that he is afraid of (being left etc).😭 That last scene was imo absolutely Brians way of telling Justin that he knew, and I view that scene the same way as you guys do. But the jealousy thing that Ken mentioned, I do not think that it was about that or that Brian doesn’t show jealousy (we now know he on a rare occation does). I think it is all hurt. Brian is really hurt now, but he doesn’t show that. I kind of think it connects with his self worth-issues in some way. And all though Brian is good with words when it comes to professional settings or bantering with his friends, talking about real stuff like this isn’t that easy for him. So now he is hurt, worried, (and maybe angry?) and chooses this way to remind Justin (in addition to letting him know he knows) of his powers, the way he sees them.. (To me this was a very painfull power trip (if that’s a word)). But also to remind Justin of their «power» together. What they have between them. There was a whole conversation going on between them in that moment, I do agree.
    I love Justin and Brian together so this us just painful. ❤️
    Michael is a completely diffferent matter, and at this point I could make a Ten things I hate about him-list…. «He didn’t even seem to care»… omg, Michael doesn’t understand any other type of emotionell reactions than his own, ie stomping his feets like a two year old… He is the one being emotionally imature, imo, not Brian (sorry Debbie!). I do get that he wanted to let Brian know, but then he should use his words properly and just say it, instead of making all these insinuations.. And last there is Ted, realizing he is in love 🥰❤️ Thank you again so much for this podcast. It gives me such great joy just listening to you two discussing different perspectives, and by that giving me new ones, but also to have someone to share this love for Queer as Folk with. It means alot!!!! 💛

    • liberty Jul 30, 2021

      Yeah, I (E’Shel) think circumstance and convenience deserve a lot of credit for Ethan and Justin. But we shall see as things progress 😉

      Brian was definitely trying to remind Justin of what they have. So much being said. A lot of heart, and lot of misunderstanding, or just MISSING the intent or actions of the other person.

      MICHAEL!!!! He makes me want to scream at times.

      Can’t thank you enough for listening and for taking the time to interact with us!! We LOVE it!!!