Okay, so listen.   No, really, listen.  You gotta listen to this episode the whole way through because, yeah.  Just because.  This one is packed with some tough stuff.  Also, you gotta give Ken some space and time.  He gets there.  Meanwhile, Emmett is having to choose between truth and trillions (fine, millions).  Ben has a health scare that tests Michael’s strength. Justin and Brian are not in a great place and E’Shel is not okay, alright!  Ethan insists on continuing to exist and occupy the same space as Justin.  We think we can do this.  Maybe.

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2 comments on “2×18 You’re Too Young To Settle Down

  1. Kassiopeia Jul 24, 2021

    I respond about the Vermont / Chicago situation here because it’s a two episodes arc.

    Brian could have handled it better as in sitting down with Justin for maybe five minutes to explain it to him a little more detailed but he was under stress in general and especially time pressure to get the flight so I think it’s understandable that he didn’t took the time. But he told Justin exactly what the stakes were that he would lose his job.

    I don’t know (and can’t know) how Brian wanted to inform Justin that the vacation is off but I don’t believe that he would have taken the flight without informing Justin in one way or another. Maybe he planned to call from the airport if Justin isn’t at home before he needs to leave or maybe he told Cynthia to inform Justin. So I don’t think he would have went without Justin knowing or at least not without Justin knowing before it’s evening so that Justin knows that Brian will not come home for the night.

    I so disagree with Ken that if Brian is hurt or offended he is out of line. Let me think why Brian might be hurt / offended / disappointed / angry.

    Maybe because Justin lashed out with “fuck business” as in “I don’t care about your job I just want my vacation” instead of maybe asking questions like “what happened, why can’t one of your colleagues go”? Maybe the rest of the conversation would have been different then.

    Maybe because Justin didn’t stayed in Pittsburgh to wait to hear if Brian could save his job after Brian’s last words before he left the loft were “If I don’t go on this plane I will collect unemployment”? He could have gone out with Daphne or the guys to have fun but he could have stayed in the Pitts until Brian came back.

    Or maybe because Justin never called from Vermont to ask about Brian’s job? For all Brian knows Justin had fun in Vermont snowboarding and didn’t cared enough to call asking about the job.

    Or maybe because Justin came back after a week like nothing happened and didn’t bothered to ask then too? It could have gone wrong and Brian could be jobless and Justin wouldn’t even know and care. But I guess the killer loft (including water, heat and groceries) pays itself. If I would be Brian there would be financial consequences about the living together .

    Justin really has a lot of nerve to think that Brian would show up to surprise him after how Justin behaved. And once again it never occurred to him that he could pick up the phone to call Brian to ask what is with his job?

    Daphne is my girl. Like you said she loves Justin but she doesn’t defend him blindly, she is not afraid to call him out. And Daphne is totally right in what she said in this case.

    Justin is so passive aggressive in the scene when Brian comes home, he really should cut it out. Being passive agressive brings no one any closer to a conversation.

    And to compare couples if Michael and Ben were in that position with a business emergency in the comic shop there is no way Ben would take off even if Michael didn’t explained himself well because he was stressed. Ben would have stayed and try to help Michael imo.

    I better refrain from writing anything about Ethan. It was an instant dislike for me because I can’t stand sweet-talkers like that. I already avoided them as a teenager / young woman like plaque. I will just say I’m with you in not believing Ethan what he said about the boyfriend. I hope it’s ok when I write that I’m not surprised by certain later developments because I didn’t wrote what so it’s no real spoiler for Ken.

    It’s interesting that Ken likes the sex scene at the pole because many people in the fandom hate the scene.

    Can one of you explain to me why a lot of people (E’Shel seems to be one of them) have a problem when Justin is the bottom when he fucks with someone else? I really want to understand that…

    Of course it’s cheating. Anything that is not covered through their rules is cheating. I don’t care that Justin kissed Eric (the frat boy) it was more or less a pity kiss but this is different. So, yes, Justin is cheating.

    • liberty Jul 25, 2021

      As always, thanks for the reply!

      You’ve certainly got some thoughts about Justin lol!! Totally understand and agree that Justin could’ve handled things differently. My opinion is that Brian could have also.

      So, E’Shel doesn’t actually have a problem with Justin bottoming for other partners. Those comments are mostly made in jest. It may go unnoticed, but both Ken and E’Shel are jokesters and a lot of what is said has an undercurrent of humor or sarcasm. We know that topping or bottoming isn’t necessarily about personalities or power dynamics, but more about comfort and preference (and other things of course). So if E’Shel is 90% joking about Justin bottoming, the other 10% is the part of her that enjoys that there are things that Brian and Justin only share with each other. Seems I remember you didn’t like the scene of Brian bottoming for Justin.

      Appreciate you preventing spoilers!!

      Rules are definitely being broken!