Emmett inherits some of George’s millions.  Leda steps in to help Melanie and Lindsay fight off a severe case of Lesbian Bed Death.  A major shift at Brian’s firm causes him to cancel his vacation plans with Justin.  E’Shel doesn’t want Justin and Michael left alone together, and Ken thinks Leda is a sneaky, but very sexy snake.

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4 comments on “2×17 I’ve Got Big News

  1. Thank you for another great episode! You guys are hilarious and made me laugh a lot during this episode (even though things are looking a bit…) Anyway. Michael and Justin should not talk unsupervised. I totally agree. But also, I think Michael didn’t have the full picture on why Brian had to get the new account… Michael made it all about Brian wanting to be the best, but it wasn’t about that, it was about keeping his job or not. Full stop. Which is a completely different thing. And I know Michael kind of mentions that at first, but then it’s all about being the hot shot, and so the important part gets lost. And I think Justin doesn’t realise that Brian actually could lose his job, so when Michael starts talking about Brian wanting to be the best, it just gets forgotten. And poor Justin is a bit lost at the moment about how love should look, so… no, it’s a difficult time.
    Also, Michael doesn’t know boyfriend Brian, and he doesn’t know how the relationship w Justin has changed him, so… his «advice» is outdated but serves as «proof» to Justin..
    I am always team Brian AND Justin 😊 They need to comunicate!! Brian, come on! And Justin, stop talking to Michael, he doesn’t know what you and Brian have. And he doesn’t know Brian better than you. Sorry for my rant 😂💛

    • …also, to me it’s like Michael keeps defending the Brian he knew before (or still wants him to be, bc that way he can keep his dream about him and Brian alive…) If Brian has changed and matured bc he now is in a relationship/is in love, where does that leave Michael; what role does he play in Brians life.. This goes back to me thinking some of them (Michael snd Lindsay) wanting to keep Brian on this pedestal, and not changing. … 💛

      • liberty Jul 14, 2021

        You make a good point. I think Brian is changing even beyond his own recognition at this point. Yes, he’s slow to catch on to it, and he’s not sure if he likes it, but it’s happening! Well, that’s my (E’Shel’s) opinion.

    • liberty Jul 14, 2021

      We welcome rants! Clearly the two of us have a lot of words to say about these characters and stories!

      Yes!! No unsupervised visits for those two! Lol

      I like your interpretation of the job issue! But yeah, these are rough times so misunderstanding, intent, assumption, all of that makes for a whole pot of bad!

      Always appreciate your comments. Please keep them coming!