Melanie and Lindsay’s wedding is upon us! Mercury is in retrograde and it’s stirring up all sorts of drama for our gang.  With the help of an unlikely wedding coordinator (*cough* Brian Kinney *cough*), Emmett, Ted, Michael, Justin, Vic, and Debbie all rally to pull off a wedding in under twenty-four hours.

To be clear!  Ken is no longer enamored with a certain doctor (FINALLY), and E’Shel is NOT trying to declaw Brian Kinney.  Regarding the tickets, WE SAID WHAT WE SAID!!! But all opinions, including ours, are welcome!

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6 comments on “2×11 Mercury In Retrograde

  1. Barbro May 17, 2021

    Thank you for another great episode. I find your comment about Brian /Lindsey when Brian tried to give her the tickets as a wedding present, so true. For me, and without spoiling anything for future episodes, I find both Michael and Lindsay to always wanting to «preserve» Brian in their image. Not giving him room to change or evolve. At the same time they get mad at him when he doesn’t change (or act a certain way), as we’ll also see in future episodes. It makes me sad and annoyed, bc doing this they’re kind of telling him that this is all you are, and dismissing his growth. I could probably write an essay on this whole show. Love it! And love your podcast! 😊

    • liberty May 18, 2021

      Thank you so much for commenting!!! Also, thanks for keeping the spoilers at bay! I (E’Shel) am happy to hear I’m not alone in not loving the whole ticket dismissal. If you ever write that essay, send it my way! Thank you for listening. We are having so much fun, and knowing that people care enough to tune in means more than you know!

  2. Angelica May 21, 2021

    Hey! This one of my favorite episodes. To me for the Lindsey and Brian part, she was talking to him sarcastically, like he does to everybody else and she was helping him keep up that wall for him (Maybe in a good way and/or bad way). She felt she had to give him a gift back for all that he’s done for them. But I can see everybody else’s perspective on how they’re not letting him grow. I try to defend these characters actions like Lindsey and Michael defend Brian LOL. I hope nobody comes for me in the comments XD.
    I can’t wait hear Ken’s reaction to the next episode!! XOXO

    • liberty May 21, 2021

      Thank you for commenting!!! We won’t let anyone come for you lol!! All opinions are welcome! You see how hard we stan these characters! We get the defensiveness. We love that problematic gang!

  3. Kassiopeia Jun 28, 2021

    Justin did not asked but for me it’s clear he wanted Brian to ask him. I mean doing laundry? Really? I’m 100 percent sure they have a laundry service so Brian knew Justin is full of shit when he talked about the laundry. 😉

    I disagree vehemently with Debbie that Brian was running away from love. From what love? His parents? He wouldn’t have to run far to get away from their love… Her love? Michael’s and Linds love? He “runs” towards it as far as his trust issues allows it. And if she means romantic love not everybody needs to have or even desire a romantic relationship. And I don’t see any connection in general between running away from love (if Brian would do that) and not being at the wedding. And maybe Justin would have regretted it later down the road but it should be his choice Debbie shouldn’t guilt trip / manipulate him.

    Big defending Linds rant coming

    I have to say beforehand that what I write now has nothing to do with me not enjoying your podcast anymore. Of course I will enjoy your podcast in the future and will listen to every episode as soon as I have time. But I will defend Linds to death in regard to the tickets. There are times in the show I don’t like her behaviour in regard to Brian (which is ok she is human yes I know she is fictional but I think you get what I mean).

    Linds called Brian Peter ONCE in the whole show (unless I have forgotten scenes) just once and in that scene he called her Wendy first so she is responding to what he said. So you “accuse” her of still living in college times in regard to Brian but what is with him calling her Wendy? Then you have to “accuse” him too.

    And “letting him be himself” is exactly what she is doing in that scene or giving him the choice to be himself. Linds is not saying that Brian can only be happy when he is out tricking. She means it in a general way that she wants him to be happy and if that accidently means being at the White Party fucking his brains out instead of witnessing a cheesy ceremony he would roll his eyes at she wants him to be true to himself and contrary to you I think she wants it especially after what he did for her in regard to the wedding. Without him there wouldn’t have been a wedding so he helped make her dream come true and as you pointed out she clearly is touched hence her “I love you too Brian” so she wanted to give him something back.

    I agree that she lives through Brian to a degree but imo not for the reasons you think. I think there are two reasons for that a) her upbringing does not allow her to be so bold like Brian that’s why she admires that trait so much imo because she rarely allows herself to be wild b) she doesn’t want the life Brian has and wants, she wants the whole shebang with raising children so there is not much room for “adventures” so she is doing what people in longterm relationships do with their single friends “tell me all about your party nights”. Nothing unusual.

    I so disagree about Brian not being emotionally in a place to say that he wants to be there or better to say he doesn’t have to say it. If he truly wanted to be there he easily could have left the room with the tickets, let Linds believe that he took the flight and when she comes out sit there in the first or second row. Don’t tell me that he wouldn’t have done that if he truly wanted to be there. You make him more stunted than he is imo. You can argue that Linds hurt him so he felt unwelcome but I simply don’t see that in the scene. I see Brian who is equally touched than Linds hence the kiss. And he went to Prom for Justin after saying no, for a person he knows a few months at that point while he knows Linds 10 years+.

    That he took the flight is proof that he really didn’t wanted to be there so what Linds did was a beautiful friendship gesture and a sign for me how good they know each other. What do you think she would have done if she came out and saw him sitting there? Throw him out? Imo she would have smiled, walked with Mel along the rest of the aisle and they would have danced the second or third dance together at the party.

    • liberty Jun 29, 2021

      Thank you for the comments!!! We welcome all opinions and defense of characters here! I think if nothing else, we can agree that just about all of these friendships are very layered and have some elements that could lend themseleves to questions or various interpretations. We often joke about Lindsay, but we do see her as a vital part of this group.

      Please keep commmenting!