Death makes its way to Liberty Avenue, taking Captain Astro and a nameless person with it.  Michael grieves the loss of his hero; Debbie goes toe to toe with a grouchy and insensitive detective; Brian and Justin have opposing responses to a potential threat; and Lindsay makes a surprising discovery about her late grandmother.  But this episode isn’t all death and danger!  George is GETTING. HIS. LIFE. Thanks to Emmett Honeycutt!

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6 comments on “2×10 Mourn All You Want

  1. Kassiopeia May 22, 2021

    I totally relate to Michael about Captain Astro, I get attached to fictional characters too and when Sirius (from Harry Potter) died I cried more than I cried when my grandmother died. But I’m not so sure how to feel about the scene that got cut. It seems a little forced to me.

    I so understand E’Shel’s feelings after finishing a book. Depending on how much I liked the book I have trouble starting a new one without thinking about the one I finished. You are not wired weird 😉

    I love Leda and I think I loved her from the beginning.

    I am one of them who think Mel and Linds shouldn’t be together. Of course they have times when they are happy but I think you see the true color of a relationship when things are not going so well. And when things are not going so well they (especially Mel) have this passive aggressive shit going on which is the worst thing in a relationship imo.

    I don’t think Brian’s taste is so bad, he had some really hot tricks and the not so hot ones I don’t think he choose them for their face 😉

    I agree about Brian and Emmett having a lot of similarities. There is a reason that many people in the fandom have these two as favorites.

    Many people in the fandom are going on and on about how Justin deep down wants a monogamous relationship and is doing it only to please Brian. But scenes like the choosing from the trick and the following threesome totally shows the contrary. And I might be in the minority I don’t think Justin would have stayed faithful IF Brian would have offered monogamy. Sooner or later Justin would have “tripped” imo because as you said he is 18. And I also might be in the minority that I like to see them tricking together or when one of them tricks alone sharing it later.

    I’m not surprised about their reaction. Like you said they didn’t knew him and especially Brian and Emmett experienced a lot of tough shit in their youth so they hardened themselves imo. And in general sadly you get desensitized after a certain time for example the school shootings. I still find them terrible but after a certain amount of school shootings you accept it as a sad reality if you know what I mean (at least as long as nobody you knew were in the shooting).

    I agree with E’Shel that Michael can do both grieving for Captain Astro and fighting for justice for dumpster boy.

    I agree about Em not being classy and I mean that in the best possible way.

    I agree about Justin not thinking about it in 101. He just wanted to get laid 😉

    But I don’t think they always push away talking for sex. It depends on the topic for example in 206 Justin wanted to have a discussion about what they are and he didn’t let Brian direct his thoughts to sex. So if it’s something really important they do talk and come to a solution like in 206 imo while Mel and Linds might talk more about everyday stuff they sweep more important stuff under their rug.

    I think Ken misunderstood the “being in agreement” part. It’s not a “hard” rule like the ones they made in 206 imo it’s more like “when we go to the movies we must be in agreement about the movie so no one of us is bored” just with tricks. And it’s only for tricking together I’m with E’Shel on that, Brian doesn’t have to agree when Justin tricks alone and vice versa.

    I don’t think brian is as scared as Justin. He is older, he has seen more than Justin has, he is living this lifestyle longer so he is better at accessing / knowing the risks imo. And I don’t think Brian not going with that trick would have been the solution, it would have calmed down Justin’s fear in the moment. But what about the next time Brian would see a hot guy and would want to trick? Justin would have the same fear.

    I don’t know if you have read it but here is a fanfic that deals with Justin’s fear in 2×10 and I like the route the fic takes. I could totally see that happen in canon.

    I agree with E’Shel about Brian in regard to Justins reaction but I don’t think that’s the only reason he wants to go with the guy in that situation. I think Brian doesn’t want to live in fear. He knows terrible stuff happens in the world but you can’t let that stop you from doing what you want to do. Otherwise you will wake up one day and recognize that fear holds you back. And it’s hard to break out from there if you allowed it for a longer time.

    • liberty May 23, 2021

      Thank you for the detailed comments!! Glad to know that I’m not wired weird lol!!! Mel and Linds are a tricky one for me (E’Shel), but Ken seems sold. I think both of us (me and Ken) agree that Justin isn’t as desperate for monogamy as some might think.

      Totally agree that Brian won’t let fear rule him. I think we said in the episode (or maybe it got cut) that Brian has been living this lifestyle for many years and he knows the risks, but feels more secure that Justin would, partially because of his youth and partially because of the bashing. I think another part of Brian going with the guy at the end is Brian saying “I’m going to be who I am”. Which leads to some other happenings throughout the season.

      Appreciate your comments and we will definitely check out that fanfic!

      • Kassiopeia Jun 27, 2021

        Maybe I should specify it. I don’t think Mel and Linds should have never been together because we don’t know how the beginning of their relationship was but they shouldn’t be together how they are in canon. They are together for what six years at the beginning of the series and haven’t solved problems other couples solve in the first two years. To quote David they are on the same page in what dishes to use but other stuff…. It feels like I’m in the minority because people think Mel has it soooo bad in the relationship but for me Linds is the one who should run.

        It was in the episode. Maybe I should have explained myself better. I wanted to agree with that part but disagree with Ken’s opinion that Brian is as scared as Justin and just doesn’t want to admit it (I think Ken said that somewhere in the discussion or I misunderstood it which sometimes happens to me as a non-native speaker). For me it would be OOC for Brian to be really scared “just” because one guy got murdered.

        Sorry for the late reply, I had a lot of stress with a pipe break.

        • liberty Jun 29, 2021

          Melanie and Lindsay are a very interesting study. I definitely agree that a lot of their major issues could have been solved in the first couple years of their relationship.

          Ken thinks Brian is afraid, but not to the extent or for the reasons that may have come across. E’Shel thinks it’s just Brian being Brian, and adamantly so.

          I hope your pipes are good now!

          • Kassiopeia Jul 15, 2021

            The pipes are good now – five weeks after we (I live in a house that contains four flats) noticed water in the basement. But we still have the drying equipment here because the walls needs to dry.

          • liberty Jul 15, 2021

            Congratulations!!! Sending warm rays your way to help with the drying!