Michael MacLennan stops by the diner to dish about Queer As Folk from the writers’ perspecitve.  Our conversation begins with a technical discussion about how the episodes came together, and goes on to cover a few key moments and arcs from Season 2 through Season 4.  This episode does contain SPOILERS so beware! Check out Michael’s recent project, Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix!!

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4 comments on “Interview with QAF Writer, Michael MacLennan Pt. 1

  1. Kassiopeia Apr 3, 2021

    I might be in the minority but I was glad that Brian didn’t bought the flowers.

    • liberty Apr 4, 2021

      Haha!! I love that they wrote characters who are complex. I think Brian NOT buying the flowers is an example of what makes him complex. He was obviously conflicted. I’d love to hear your thoughts on ‘Flower Gate’. Might be useful to have several points of view when get to that epidose. Shoot us an email at libertydinerdish@gmail.com if you would like to elaborate.

      • Kassiopeia Apr 6, 2021

        I will write you an email in the next few days with my more detailed thoughts. I wanted to ask you something anyway so I will do it in the same mail if that is ok.