E’Shel sits down with Erin, host of the podcast called It’s A Fandom Thing, to take a closer look at Season 1 Brian Kinney.  They share their opinions and observations on the man, the myth, the legend, and the looker!  It’s a fun and insightful conversation between friends, during which they try to unveil the humanity and vulnerability behind the ego and enigma.

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4 comments on “Brian Kinney 101 w/Erin Marlow

  1. Kassiopeia Mar 24, 2021

    It was an interesting episode, I like special topics episodes. I mean I like the normal episodes too but there is something about special topics episodes…

    Tbh I don’t see anything wrong with Brian leaving the other guys to hook up with Justin or tricks in general. I saw that simple as “four single guys are going clubbing together and if one of them meets someone they leave” and I don’t write that because it’s Brian. I would see it the same way if Michael would be the driver and would meet someone. They are not in the middle of nowhere, the others can get a cab.

    I share your opinion regarding Ted and pulling the plug. If he would have chosen Michael he would have been lying in that bed for years.

    I disagree with you about Linds being in love with Brian at least in the five seasons of the show and I think she never would leave Mel for Brian. And unlike Michael she calls Brian out when he does something that is really shitty or she doesn’t agree with it. It is in season four when they said it was once. And the same you can’t imagine to be Mel I can’t imagine to be Linds in that relationship. I think she has to walk around on eggshells on a regular basis and she often placates Mel to keep the peace. I think the relationship is toxic for Linds.

    I agree about the unhealthy part about the friendship between Brian and Michael but it’s for both of them because most people in the fandom only speak about the hurt feelings from poor Michael but can you imagine being in Brian’s situation? I don’t think Brian is so sure Michael would never leave him otherwise he wouldn’t have to dangle it in front of Michael. I think he isn’t so sure that he wouldn’t lose Michael if Michael would stop being in love with him. That doesn’t mean that I think that Brian doesn’t know what he is doing. He knows it but he is reacting out of fear and I don’t want to be in that position either because how can you be secure in a friendship if you feel that way? And that might come across like Michael bashing but it isn’t meant like that but at one point you are responsible too. I mean 15 YEARS. I think that it is pathetic that Michael didn’t managed to get over his romantic feelings for Brian in 15 years. Imo Michael uses that as a shield for not throwing himself in the dating world because Brian is safe in that regard because deep down Michael knows he will not get Brian and deep down he doesn’t even want him in that way.

    I’m so glad the show didn’t went there with Michael and Brian as a couple. I so agree with the “disaster of epic proportions” so I really don’t get the Brian / Michael shipper what they see or why they think it would work.

    I’m torn about Brian and Debbie. I think she loves him to a degree but her love for him comes with a price tag imo.

    Some viewers hate Brian for “stupid” reasons like that he doesn’t want to get married or doesn’t want a monogamous relationship.

    Sorry for the long comment. Take it as a compliment if the episode wasn’t so interesting I wouldn’t have written so much. 😉

    • liberty Mar 29, 2021

      Thank you for listening and for the comment! We don’t mind long posts! We are happy to hear you like the special topics as we plan to do more of those in the future. I’m glad Erin stopped by to share her thoughts for this first one.

      Lindsay is a complex character and I (E’Shel) think that’s reflected in all of her relationships in the show. Maybe we can explore that in a Lindsay 101 episode! I agree that Brian does dangle things in front of Michael our of fear when Michael’s ‘loyalty’ to him is threatened. Brian and Debbie are interesting to me. If you are a listener of our regular episodes, you have probably heard more of my thoughts on that relationship.

      You are right, Brian is often misunderstood. The hope is to help clear up some of that by sharing our thoughts and opinions on him.

      Again, we LOVE comments so keep them coming!

      • Kassiopeia Apr 3, 2021

        I think you misunderstood my comment about Brian a little or I worded it wrong.

        Some viewers simply don’t like or maybe even hate Brian because he dares to have desires that are “unconventional” aka doesn’t follow traditional values because they think everybody should follow traditional values like a monogamous relationship, marriage and so on. I don’t agree with that because there are a lot of people who follow traditional values because we are “trained by society” to do that and end up unhappy. There is nothing wrong with a monogamous relationship or getting married but I think we are in times were you should at least ask yourself “Is that really what I want” and if not choose an untraditional life. If viewers don’t like Brian for these reasons you can’t clear that up. 😉 And others simply think he is heartless even when they must have seen him wishing newborn Gus sweet dreams on his first night on earth, telling Linds that he doesn’t want her to worry about money, crying in Michael’s arms after he visited his father and after his ABUSIVE father died just to name a few situations.

        I’m looking forward to more special topics episodes in the future. And yes, I’m a listener of the regular episodes too (or better to say I’m still working my way through them).

        • liberty Apr 4, 2021

          I understood you! I agree, you can’t shift people’s understanding or acceptance of non-traditional relationships. I meant that we hope to point out the times when Brian proves that he is not heartless. I think you have to give Brian room to be who he is, but you also have to allow him to grow and evolve.

          We’ve got a few special topics planned, but if you have some suggestions, please share them!!