It’s the SEASON PREMIERE and we couldn’t be more excited to catch up with our Liberty Avenue Gang.  Lindsay and Melanie have to play nice and straight at Lindsay’s sister’s wedding; Emmett is still fabulous;  Ted is dealing with his breakup;  Michael is visiting from Portland;  and Brian is in the backroom.  Yep, seems about right.  We also get to see what happened with Justin post-bashing.  This episode gives us a lot to get riled up about, and we take advantage of as many opportunities as possible!


DISCLOSURE: Ken and E’Shel share some personal thoughts and opinions on a few social justice issues in this episode.  The statements are not intended to be inflammatory, but to briefly explain some of their own observations. By no means are they suggesting that we are now living in a wholly just society, only that some progress has been made, through possibly unexpected channels.

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