This one is all about daddies!  Having one and being one.  Brian agrees to keep Gus over the Leather Ball Weekend, but plans and intentions go awry when Jack Kinney shows up to deliver some news.  Michael plays the role of ‘the wicked step-mother’ to Dr. David’s son, Hank.  Ted visits a different kind of daddy to help him get out of his rut.    Tune in to find out how we rate all the daddies on Liberty Avenue in this episode.

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4 comments on “1×15 I Can Tell You Need A Daddy

  1. Emanuelly Jul 27, 2021

    If you guys are going to have a discussion later about if Brian and Lindsay have had a relationship, I think I need to say to you guys read the books! Are only three official books about Brian and Michael when they where 18 and beyond. So we get to see when they meet Emmett and Lindsay in college. I think would be nice if you guys could introduce or even have a full episode about the books.
    Every nine seconds – Joseph Brockton
    Never Tear us apart – Quinn Brockton
    Always have, Always Will – Quinn Brockton

    • liberty Jul 27, 2021

      Hey!!! You know, we were told those books are more like ‘fanfiction’ and not associated with canon. I haven’t read them because I wasn’t sure how much weight to give them. However, I’ve heard that they are great reads and I (E’Shel) do love reading! Funny you should mention it, but Ken and I have been talking about finding a way to incorporate my book addiction into the podcast, perhaps after we finish Season 5 and move on to something else. This might be a good place to start!! It will be fun to see some pre-series events, even if they are not necessarily from the same ‘brains’ that created the characters we see on screen. I can never get enough of the Liberty Avenue Gang!

      • Emanuelly Jul 28, 2021

        I hope you add your addiction with reading with those books, Even tough some people don’t like them, they are official, it means the creators accepted them in the Queer as Folk universe, different from the fanfictions that don’t have the rights from. So I know when you said you don’t know how much weight to give them, since they were created in season 1, and some information trough the seasons gets different from the books. But I think they can still be included as part of the podcast. As a bonus maybe! Looking forward for it! Love you guys!

        • liberty Jul 29, 2021

          Then we will definitely have to discuss them at some point! Maybe after we complete the series though, just to keep our timelines straight. Plus, that will give us time to do some investigation on the origins of the books and their place in the QAF universe. Thanks for the suggestion!!!