Ken and E’Shel are joined by a national treasure, commonly referred to as Scott Lowell!  Scott talks about his time as Ted and shares some insider information on the cast and crew of Queer As Folk.  SPOILERS AHEAD!! During the interview, Scott makes a few references that are listed here so you can check them out!  FYI, those ‘Poor Ted’ shirts are in the works!

*BOOK: The Gay Metropolis by Charles Kaiser

*MOVIES: The Thing About Harry (featuring Peter Paige!!); Steel Rain (on Netflix, Scott will be in Steel Rain 2)

*TV SHOWS: Adoptable (on Star Baby Network); I May Destroy You (on HBO Max)

*ORGANIZATIONS: CenterLink – LGBT Community Centers; Tyler Clementi Foundation

*OTHER: ScoLo (Scott’s YouTube Channel)

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4 comments on “Interview with Scott Lowell!!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Scotty’s podcast and hearing his perspective on ‘Teddy’ and how some of the behind the scenes were handled. It sounds kind of dismal as far as a reunion – as it doesn’t seem like the fans are pulling together enough.
    Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear if he’s ever accessed or read fanfiction.
    Great job guys. Looking forward to the next!

    • liberty Nov 13, 2020

      So glad you listened! We would’ve taken up his whole day if we could have.

  2. I first found QAF in a mom and pop video store, back in the early 2000s, for sale. I didn’t have cable and had recently made friends with a gay coworker who felt that he needed to tell me about his orientation. As a black woman, I was kind of taken aback about his need to qualify. I quickly disabused him of the notion that his orientation mattered to me. We bonded over the show and I ended up purchasing all of the seasons and the soundtracks. I pulled out season 3 the other day and was quickly sucked back in. I decided to search for podcasts that shared my love of this series and discovered you. Love your commentary and your obvious enjoyment of the show. Listened to your interview with Scott and was very impressed. Looking forward to all the episodes. Keep up the great work.

    • liberty Nov 20, 2020

      I love hearing stories like this!! Yes, this show is entertaining, but it also connects people. I’m so glad you found us and that you enjoyed Scott’s interview. I hope you stick with us on this journey!!