We revisit some of the highs and lows of the first eleven episodes of Season 1.  Has Ken’s opinion changed on any of the characters?  Who will win the first major on-air battle between Ken and E’Shel?  Who is the most complicated character so far?  All answers will be revealed by the end of this extended podcast!

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2 comments on “MID-SEASON RECAP

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, although I think all my notes were put to the side. Oh well… and no use reiterating the eleven episodes, except to say I feel you two aren’t looking at the Brian/Michael/Tracy arc the right way…

    Because Brian had to do something DRASTIC to make Michael mad enough to leave, and leave his side and go with David. What else could Brian have done that Michael would have lost all hope in their friendship? Brian has made Michael upset in the past, but nothing that didn’t have Michael coming back, and saying it’s just ‘Brian being Brian’.

    But it was too bad that Tracy got caught in the middle. Tracy didn’t deserve that…

    But on the flip side to all of this – WHY didn’t Debbie, or Vic, or the girls question who Tracy was? Did Debbie KNOW Michael was stringing this girl along? I really can’t see Debbie condoning that. Yet everybody seemed to know just who Tracy was. They seemed to know that she thought she was there as Michael’s ‘date’. So I totally understand Brian doing this. It’s just too bad Tracy ended up feeling like she was the brunt of a joke.

    Long story short – First, it’s MICHAEL’S fault, then it’s DEBBIE’S, and lastly Brian’s – but he was ONLY doing something DRASTIC – because Debbie TOLD him to. He would NOT have done this for any other reason.

    • liberty Oct 26, 2020

      Hey!! The rest of your notes are actually being saved for another project we are putting together. We didn’t expect them to be so detailed and thorough. When we read through them, it gave us another idea. We will fill you in on that.

      Totally see where you are coming from regarding Brian/Michael/Tracy. We know WHY Brian did what he did, BUT we just think it was wrong that Tracy was caught in the middle. Like you said, she didn’t deserve that. There’s lots of blame to go around. I think you would agree that Brian does string Michael along. Just like you would probably agree that Michael should have been honest with Tracy AND he is the one who let his feelings for Brian get in the way of his relationship with Dr. David. We’ve made it pretty clear what we think about Debbie’s actions. (But we do love her) It could be argued that the logic applied to Brian could be applied to Debbie. Brian was doing a ‘bad thing’ to do a ‘good thing’ for a friend. Debbie (in her mind) was doing a ‘bad thing’ (pressuring/guilting Brian) to do a ‘good thing’ (from her perspective as a loving, but overbearing mom) for her soon.

      But yes, long story short, not all the blame should be placed on Brian’s shoulders.