In this episode, we see Brian kiss and make up.  But not with the same person! Emmett’s search leads him to a new group.   Ted reaps some unexpected benefits.  Michael and Dr. David deal with the ups and downs of cohabitation.  The tension over at Mel and Lindsay’s just might be too thick for Ken and E’Shel to cut!  And did we mention ICE CREAM KISSES!!!!

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2 comments on “1×12 Ice Cream Kiss

  1. I can’t believe Michael didn’t have a clue about what’s actually going on with Brian. he’s known the man for 16 years… Brian wouldn’t just get a burr up his hind end and push Michael off a cliff. Then that Captain Astro fisting comment? It’s never too early for fistng? Ah… excuse me – anybody I know, it’s always too early!!

    I bet Cynthia was HAPPY to not be getting that many calls a day…

    Poor Emmett. Dr. Dreamy got turned down. *sob* – and so was the guy at the gym that knew EVERYTHING about Emmett – BTW, did you hear Donny Osmond singing “Puppy Love” in your head?

    On to the Happy Muncher Fun House – Bitch Lindsay – “Or even take the afternoon off.” HELLOOOO, Earth to Lindsay! Lindsay snaps that she appreciates how hard Melanie works, which is why she made that totally insensitive comment. Melanie retorts that it would be nice if she showed it, by, (I don’t know, maybe not making insensitive comments like that?) Lindsay says that she thought she was showing her appreciation. (Um, when was that, exactly?) CATFIGHT!

    I loved Brian and Ted going to the bar together – Brian looking up under the skirt of the person walking on the bar – was he really trying to figure out if it was a man or woman? Anyway – You go, Teddy! – When the shirtless blond HDGB (hot dancing gay boy), standing behind Ted, asks Brian how it’s going. Brian replies that he’s not interested. Time for Ted to test his theory: Before the HDGB can walk away, Ted pipes up with, “However, I am available for safe sex and estate planning.” Brian? Really, what are the odds? Me? I can’t believe that it worked either. Anyway, nothing like getting Brian Kinney’s cast-offs. More sex for Teddy than he’s ever had. This hanging with Kinney isn’t all bad!

    Our place – but Dr. SoNotgay stopped him from putting stuff out by having sex… Did you notice how the camera pulls back from the bed and focuses on two Captain Astro glasses on the dresser? Symbolism or something? Then it finishes and Mikey says: “normally about this time, I’d be coming out of Woody’s, waiting in the jeep for Brian to finish getting a blow job so I can drive him home.” Wow, that sounds so pathetic. On both their parts, even. David chuckles, because Mikey is his, ALL his, and asks, “And, instead?” Mike sighs, “Instead I’m here with you.” Aww. More fuzzy kittens. David whispers into his ear, “I love you, Michael.” Awww. Where the hell is my insulin?

    That was REAL shitty of Debbie to not tell “the Family” what she asked Brian to do… so everybody plays: Let’s blame Brian! Those damn Novotny’s.

    Marly and her Q Martyrs… But, yeah for Tracy standing up for gays – Hand that girl a P-FLAG button! – and I was happy she stood up for herself and got a new job… But I, too, really like Tracy. I’m going to miss her.

    Did you notice the irony of Justin’s T-shirt to his comment to Daphne? Too busy to fcuk [sic] – but then he tells Daphne, I could fcuk practically anyone I wanted, ’cause I’m cute.” O-kay! But the answer to “WHO” walks in… YAY!!!

    David has put all of Michael’s stuff away – oooh, so sad. But it really was tacky for David to put EVERYTHING away. And yes, they should have discussed what to have where. But on the flip side, David really couldn’t have that type of stuff sitting around for the types of people he associates with. And Ken? David really isn’t sweet. But then David says: They’re cute. They’re cute, like you. But you know, they, they sort of don’t belong.” (Hmmm. Like Michael doesn’t?)

    I LOVED the ice cream scene. And yes, Brian has NO ONE in his life to be that open with. He couldn’t lay on a chaise with any trick and eat ice cream. My God! What would that do to the Stud’s status?

    See the Light… Ty’s lisp about drives me crazy – But, why don’t we just all go to hell now? Denying who you are? The ‘torture’ Emmett went through in his home town, and now he’s going to deny his true self? But I guess this gives us a look into how far some religious secs are willing to go.

    The Happiest Funnest House ever built in the Whole World. Melanie opens the door for Ted, who’s out of breath. Ted says he ran all the way over, and what’s the big emergency? (Wait, doesn’t he have a car?) But for Lindsay to tell Brian the problem lies with Brian. “You should have kept your promise to give her Gus. Gus was supposed to be hers and mine. Not yours and mine.” Wrong – they have major problems – St. Lindsay – it’s not because of Gus. You’ve turned into this cold, unresponsive bitch! And if that’s the case – QUIT ASKING FOR MONEY!

    And little Justin gets the friends together, even though his life would be easier without the guy that calls him Boy Wonder (which is really kind of creepy.)

    • liberty Oct 26, 2020

      Still loving the comments, Cathy!

      “Wow, that sounds so pathetic. On both their parts, even.” – totally agree with you! I think when we find Brian and Michael in Season 1, they are in need of something to challenge their co-dependency. There are some things about their friendship that are great and healthy. But they have also limited and almost crippled each other in other ways.

      We have gone on and on about our love for Debbie, but yeah, like you said – she’s the one who set the train in motion. Can’t just disappear from the scene of the wreck!

      I could talk about the ice cream scene for HOURS!!! So. Cute.

      In Ken’s defense, David has been mostly sweet in the episodes leading up to this one. It’s fun to experience this show through Ken’s ‘virgin’ eyes.

      See you here in the comments after the next podcast!!