It’s more fun when you do it with friends!  Jayde, our friend and listener, joins E’Shel to talk about her love for Queer as Folk, and the joys of dissecting the episodes with a mate.

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2 comments on “Coffee and Conversation with Jayde

  1. Laurie Jan 16, 2021

    Just listened to this one and had a quick comment! The convo with Jade touched on the “influence” and differences in the relationships between Brian and Michael and Brian and Lindsey. My take on the Brian/Lindsey relationship is a bit two fold. I see Lindsey in both a sisterly and also a bit motherly context. Brian didn’t have a lot of maternal love and influence as we discover in later seasons and I think Lindsey fills some of that void for him, along with Debbie. Whereas Michael I think Brian needs to fill a bit of a protector role and also that Michael is a bit of a younger brother role that has the hero worship that lots of little brothers have. Michael also plays a caretaker role for Brian. Just my two cents!! Appreciate you guys SO much! Love having a place to talk about QAF!!!

    • liberty Jan 17, 2021

      Thank you so much for listening, and especially for commenting!!! I love your analysis. Funny enough, we say something similar about Michael and Brian in the episode dropping this week. As you heard, I have trouble articulating what I see in Brian and Lindsay’s friendship, but you’ve really helped me here!