This episode is packed with surprises! An HIV scare, a surprise birthday party, a pact with God, and a new busboy.  Brian’s actions in the episode will have your emotions running all over the place!  Ken and E’Shel try to talk their way through it without coming to fisticuffs!

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4 comments on “1×11 SURPRISE!!

  1. Dav0000 Oct 6, 2020

    Listened to this with one of my favorite QAF friends. Provided great entertainment for the evening. I was prepared to referee the fight between Ken and E’Shel!

    Ken!!! What’s happening with you and Michael?

    Love the new busboy. I think Justin knew there would be some consequence and just accepted it. But I would say it was Brian’s insistence that made it happen. That, and the fact that Justin could probably use his own pocket money since an allowance may be out of the question now.

    I’m not as surprised as some may about Ted putting himself at risk in a heated moment. Remember the GHB!! Ted previously threw caution to the wind if a hot guy looks his way.

    Michael is clearly hurt because Brian didn’t tell him he was happy that he left David. I think Michael was hoping that with David out of the way, Brian might try to move in. This certainly doesn’t help with his jealousy toward Justin.

    Debbie is being a single-minded mom. A loving one, but still single-minded. That single thought is that she doesn’t want her son to be single anymore lol! I highly doubt they will end up as two old queens in Palm Springs because I don’t really think Brian plans, or really expects much of a future (at this point).

    Ken, I’m glad you got your Easy Bake Oven, one way or another.

    This birthday party was a hot mess!! In so many ways. But in a way, Debbie asked for it. And boy, did Brian deliver. Poor Tracy got caught up in a bad situation. I think if you are Tracy in this situation, Brian’s behavior is harsh. She doesn’t know ‘Classic Kinney’ and Brian knew he was being over the top. She needed to know the truth, but she didn’t have to be humiliated.

    Loving and the Justin love!! You are so right, he does find his own lane and he seems to just ‘fit’ with these people. Even though Brian was completely out of line most of this episode, I know it hurt him to hurt the people he cares about. I agree that Justin picked up on that. He suspected there was a reason Brian did what he did. Even though the people who should have known that just cussed him out and left. Justin was definitely being a good friend to Brian.

    YES!! This is very much a season-finale! So many cliff-hangers. Great job guys! Keep it up. Staying tuned until next time!

    • liberty Oct 6, 2020

      Thank you for commenting!! Ken and I are basically Justin and Daphne.

      Like you, we love all these crazy characters, but we know that none of them are saints. They will all have their turn to drive us INSANE!!!!! Except for maybe Emmett. He’s a magical unicorn at all times.

      Thanks for coming on this journey with us! There’s so much more ground to cover!

  2. I have to start by saying – Yeah! Ken is seeing the light where Michael is concerned!!! FINALLY!

    As far as Justin being mature enough to do the job at the diner, I really don’t think he’d have done it on his own – without the push from Brian saying, “Your going to work, you’re going to pay me back.” But I respect Justin that even with his upbringing, with his “WASP” connections, he didn’t feel the diner was beneath him. True, he was 17, but you didn’t hear – THE DINER?!?!

    The whole HIV arc in this episode was really very eye-opening, and not just for the gay community. To me, they were showing that ANYONE having unprotected sex, has the chance of catching something. There’s a lot of venereal diseases that can happen too. And straights can pass on HIV the same as gays. But ‘reliable Ted’ – it was out of context, but just goes to show anybody can have a lapse in judgment. And dear little Emmett, I think it would hit him harder than the rest. For all his bravado… well, he’s just a tender-hearted Southern boy. Already pushed out by his family. But the skeleton dance? One of my favorite Emmett moments. No one else could have gotten by with that. I absolutely loved it… but there’s very little about Emmett I don’t like. BUT – Mr. Gorgeous guy in white, COULD have told Emmett on the phone that the HIV tests were negative, but I still need you to come into the office at your earliest convenience. He opened up a can of worms.

    Lindsay nursing – in that whole crowd was just SO WRONG!!!! Cover yourself yup… be discreet… Use the bedroom, use the bathroom – or LEAVE YOUR KID HOME!!!! If I was Melanie, I’d be stressed to the max too. Over-working herself so Lindsay can stay home, and when all is said and done, Lindsay is not appreciative .

    Michael grated on my nerves in this episode… I agree with so much you said. But Debbie going in and demanding Brian to ‘fix this’ – was wrong. She knew Brian’s penchant of going overboard, how else did she think Brian could make Michael see Brian was a bad bet? But the worst, is Brian knows David is a bad bet, and keeping Michael close, was his way of warding off future problems, in his mind. But I think Michael deserved everything. I felt bad for Tracy, and I highly doubt she would have believed Brian if he’d told her privately, so yes, this was harsh, but Tracy couldn’t deny it then. And Michael deserved the chewing out she gave him, because if I was her, I’d feel like he was laughing at me too… And I absolutely LOVED your comparison about the movie, Carrie – that was classic.

    As far as Brian’s gift for Michael – yes, he might have been saying ‘goodbye, here’s something to remember me by’ – but I always thought it was to get Michael’s hopes up – giving him something that no other way could he get it – so that with the Tracy reveal, he’d hate him that much more. Brian was doing what Debbie demanded.

    Then for Michael to tell David – I’m 30, I need to settle down – that’s like saying – Brian’s a bad bet, I better snatch you up!!! What an ass!

    Until next week…

    • liberty Oct 6, 2020

      Cathy!!! Happy to see you in the comments. Ken is crushed by Michael letting him down HAHAHAHA!!!! Maybe he can redeem himself??

      I agree, Justin might not have offered to work at the diner, but he sucked it up and did it. Accepting consequences and righting wrongs are signs of maturity.

      One of the many things this show did was make conversations and topics less taboo. The handling of HIV is a great example.

      Lindsay and Mel are clearly not on the same page right now. And I would have offered to babysit Gus, if only they would’ve asked!!

      Debbie comes from a good place, but age nor relation entitle you interfere to that degree, or berate a person for not doing what you think they should do. Brian and Michael’s friendship does have unhealthy elements, but they are both grown men and each responsible for their own actions. Yes, it’s a tangled web, but not all of the blame belongs on Brian’s shoulders. Like we said though, we appreciate the honest portrayal of a loving mother. They usually only think about their kid. I know she loves Brian like a son, but when it comes down to it…

      See you here in the comments next week!!