Justin runs away, and Brian and the gang head to New York on a rescue mission.  Michael does his own version of running, but eventually gives Dr. David an answer to his question.  Melanie makes it possible for Lindsay to stay home with Gus.  Ken and E’Shel dive deep into this one and the gloves come off.

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2 comments on “1×10 Road Trip! Road Trip!

  1. Ken, you said: Lindsay is driving me insane! Lord man, just WAIT!!!

    The part with Jennifer saying she has to consider the whole family, I disagree with how you two felt she was right… Justin is 17… and she is considering homophobic Craig over the needs of her child. Nope, I have to disagree there. I have four kids, if my husband was willing to have one of my kids on the ‘streets’ at 17, I’d have hauled his ass to court and taken my 17-year-old back home.

    Debbie struggled with money her whole life, so just wanted a ‘rich husband’ for Michael. She’s NOT considering Michael’s feelings in this.

    Mysterious Marilyn is a blast! Another favorite of mine… “face it honey, he’s not a safe bet!” And I love how Daphne felt she could ‘take on’ Brian – not too many little girls – 10″ shorter than him, haul off and hit him! LOL…

    Michael was probably snickering inside at the beat-down Brian dished out to Justin. “FINALLY! Boy Wonder is gone!” And I think Brian would have gone – like probably that night when things had wound down and he was home, alone in the loft, his conscience would have gotten the best of him.

    The scene at the turnpike made me FURIOUS! Here’s Micheal – “holds me all wet and sticky” – then kisses Brian and has this look on his face like nothing he’s never even given David. Michael sickened me, and I was FURIOUS with Brian. This is the ONE time in the series that I didn’t like Brian – but Man, oh man, he redeemed himself with how he treated Justin at the hotel. Saying he’d help him find a place to live. And Debbie, for all her flaws, she was a safe haven for Justin at 17, better than being at Brian’s.

    KEN: Get OVER your Michael fixation! LOL…


    • liberty Sep 28, 2020

      Cathy!!! Thank you so much for the feedback. I get what you are saying about Jennifer. We didn’t mean that she was right, just that we could see how she’s in a tough spot and could need some time to get her footing. Probably should have clarified that, but we’ve learned that our brain says things that don’t always come out of our mouth! Sometimes that’s a good thing LOL! I can’t WAIT to witness the standoff between Ken and Nichelle over Michael when we have her on again. Got my wine and popcorn ready!!