In this emotional episode, Justin continues to deal with the challenges of coming out.  Debbie’s health takes a turn and as a result, Michael finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place at the Big Q.  Brian takes in a stray.  Or should that be a stalker??!  Ken and E’Shel discuss the difference and a whole lot more!

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2 comments on “1×08 It’s Always Better The Second Day

  1. Melinda Nov 2, 2020

    Episode 1×08

    I was bummed that you guys didn’t talk about the look that passed between Brian and Justin after they sat down to dinner and Brian took his first bite of food and then Justin said well jambalaya is always better the second day anyway. Right after that they both shared a small smile. I feel like that look and small smile was the first time that I really saw that he truly cared about him.

    • liberty Nov 2, 2020

      Melinda, thanks for listening and commenting! You are right, that is a very telling moment. While we didn’t isolate the look and the smile, we did try to emphasize the importance of that scene as a whole. There are so many subtle gestures and moments in each episode that it would take us hours to comment on everything we want to address. I think there’s evidence that Brian cares long before this moment, but yes, this is another little sign. We will keep working to provide deep investigative analysis of little moments like this one. Just be prepared for really long podcast episodes lol! Thanks again!! We appreciate you!