In the premier, it’s a regular night out for the guys. That’s until HE comes along! By the end of the episode, members of the Liberty Avenue Gang have had a baby, a stalker and a sex-ed course from Brian Kinney himself. E’Shel and Kenneth are here to dish on all the details and to invite you to come and stay!

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4 comments on “1×01 – Are You Coming and Staying

  1. Really enjoyed this ep. I appreciate your fresh takes. Would you be interested in cross posting links to your pod cast on our QAF-based website – It’s a fanfic site, but I’m sure our members would love your podcast too.

    • liberty Jun 23, 2020

      Thank you so much for the comment! I’m sorry we are just now responding. We had a third-party set up our site and we are just now taking over it. Yes! We LOVE this idea. I saw that you guys posted a link on your website and IT MADE OUR DAY! We’ve got plans to incorporate some writers in our podcast and website. I (E’Shel) read fanfiction and I’m well aware of your work!

  2. Erik Delano Bluth Jan 9, 2021

    I love your podcast! You two are a scream also incredibly intelligent with awesome takes on one of my favorite shows. I do have a question, what do you guys think of the awful songs that replaced the original soundtrack?

    • liberty Jan 9, 2021

      Thank you so much!! Both of us have been lucky enough to have only seen the show with its original music. But we’ve heard stories of those who don’t share our luck. The music choices were so deliberate on the original soundtrack so it sucks that so much of that intentionality is lost on newer streaming audiences. We intend to comment more on the music, but as you know, there is SO much happening in each episode, we check the recording clock and realize an hour has gone by and we still have half the episode left to cover! We hope you keep listening and interacting with us. Thanks again!